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Just took my ***** ***** out walk.. rescue dog, male

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Just took my ***** ***** out for a walk.. rescue dog, male about 11 to 12 years old. stopped to talk to a friend and he collapsed, lay on his side with his legs shaking. Lasted about 30 seconds or so, and when he stood up he looked distressed, wanted to go home... very worried for the little fella, could it be a fit/stroke ?
Hello there,
Sorry to hear about your situation. Has Brynn had any history of heart problems? Is he acting normal now? Does he have any signs of head tilt or walking in circles?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

no heart problems, hasn't seemed to like crowded places for a year or so.Acting normal now ??came home crashed out on the settee and has cuddled up to my leg snoring. No head tilt or walking in circles but is liking to be on his own for a while.

In a dog this age there are a few possible causes. Stroke is not likely if you are not seeing any neurological problems like circling, head tilt, facial drooping and loss of coordination. Seizure activity would be most likely if the episode only lasted 30 seconds. There is long list of possible seizure causes. Blood tests are done to rule most of those out. Brain lesions, liver problems, low blood sugar, anemia, etc. all have to be ruled out. Syncope episodes can also cause collapse and that is related to an abnormal heart rhythm. I would continue to let him rest. If another episode occurs I would pursue testing to find the underlying cause. Treatment options depend on what is found.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you Dr Scott, forgot to mention it happened yesterday as well while out for a walk, he doesn't like to roam to far nowadays

You are very welcome. Good luck!