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Vet, Veterinarian
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, our 3yr old filly has developed a lump on her front leg.

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HI, our 3yr old filly has developed a lump on her front leg. We first thought it was a splint, but a vet has looked and said it's most likely a kick.Is it likely to go down in size,or should we x ray it.
Vet : Hi there, vet Andrew here.
Vet : 1. Is there any mark on the skin?
Vet : 2. Is she lame at all, or is the lump painful?
Vet : 3. How long has it been there?
JACUSTOMER-975c45l9- :

No mark on the skin,and she has had the lump about 6 weeks

Vet : Where exactly is it?
JACUSTOMER-975c45l9- :

She is not lame and shows no pain with it.

JACUSTOMER-975c45l9- :

It is just below the knee slightly to the outside.

Vet : I assume it's a hard lump, but has it changed size at all in the 6 weeks she's had it?
JACUSTOMER-975c45l9- :

It has got bigger. It started as a pea size but now likethe size of a grape

Vet : OK. It sounds like your vet is right and the lump is the result of trauma. and the subsequent bony reaction. To answer your questions, yes, the lump should reduce in size over the next few months, but it may never completely go and you may always be able to feel, if not see, that it has been there. Secondly, you should get it x-rayed, as bone trauma in horses can lead to a little piece breaking off and causing a massive reaction - this is called sequestration and requires surgery to correct. It is fairly unlikely for this to have stayed silent for 6 weeks, but all the same I would make absolutley sure.
JACUSTOMER-975c45l9- :

Many thanks

Vet : No problem. All the best, ***** *****
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