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. Our cat has been found stuck under some decking tonight.

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Hi. Our cat has been found stuck under some decking tonight. She has been there six days. Can you advise what we need to do to care for her for the first few days? We've given her a pouch and water. She is very wobbly and clearly much thinner. Do we need to give her any treatment? Flea/ worms are not due for three weeks.
Hi there, vet Andrew here.
Ebony will have become very dehydrated during those six days, so make sure she is never far from water. She may need encouraging to drink, by placing the bowl near her and dabbing a little water on her nose. The weight loss is not surprising, of course, but after a period of starvation it is important to feed her little and often, as her system will not be able to cope with large amounts of food and it may do her harm. Start by feeding half her normal daily ration in 4 small segments, then gradually increase this to 1.5 times normal over the next week. Then start reducing the number of daily meals to two, and continue on 1.5 x ration until she is back to her normal body shape.
If she was trapped she may have injuries related to this or attempts to escape. Have her on your knee and spend a good 20 minutes examining her all over for wounds or broken claws. Keep her warm and offer plenty of affection and reassurance and she should bounce back with no problem.
I hope this helps - please feel free to ask further questions if you are unsure of anything.
All the best, ***** *****
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks. Do we need to provide any flea or worm treatment now or when it's due? Also, she is a bit smelly. Do u advice a bath? Many thanks.
Leave the flea and worm treatment until she's back to normal weight and fully recovered - it won't do any harm to skip a few weeks.
Once she's got some strength back she should begin self-grooming again, however in the meantime, if she will tolerate it, a warm bath in the the sink or bath with some cat-friendly shampoo (pet shop or your local vet's) will work wonders. However, don't persist if the bathing causes her distress as this can be dangerous in her condition. In this case, a good brushing will suffice. Once you've checked her for wounds, work the brush well over her coat and remove all the loose hair that she would normally be removing herself. Use some damp kitchen roll to clean her back end. This will make her much more comfortable.
Vet Andrew
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