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DrJessicaO, Veterinarian
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My dog which is a cross yorky has recently started scratching

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My dog which is a cross yorky has recently started scratching and rubbing her stomach on the groundcan you give me advice on how to deal with this
Hi there,
My name is ***** ***** I would like to help answer your question. About how much does your dog weigh? Is her stomach red? Is there hair loss? Are there scabs? Do you see any fleas or flea dirt on her?
Thank you for the additional information. :)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

she wieghsjust under 6ks her stomach is not red have checked very closely for fleas and dirt have not seen anythere is no hair loss she has been spayed 2years ago

there is one scab between her forelegs whhere she rubbed herself on the ground once but that is almost gone

Thank you for answering all of my questions. I have a few suggestions that may help to stop the itch cycle and improve her comfort. First, the addition of oral omega 3 fatty acids may be of benefit. There is a product called Derma-3 fatty acids (twist caps) for small dogs that can be found over the counter and online. Her dose would be one capsule every 24-48 hours. You can also attempt an anti-histamine such as over the counter diphenhydramine (Benadryl)- ensure that diphenhydramine is the only ingredient in the product (do NOT use a product with any thing else added, like phenylephrine). Her dose is 5 mg (approximately 1/2 of a teaspoon of the children's liquid) every 8-12 hours. Using hydrocortisone ointment on the belly a few times a day also may soothe her and provide her relief. Continue the medicated shampoos twice weekly if possible. Use an aloe and oatmeal conditioner and keep the conditioner in contact with the skin for several minutes before rinsing. I would also consider applying a good brand flea product such as Frontline- even if we can't see fleas, it doesn't mean they aren't there and it only takes one single flea in an allergic dog to cause a reaction.
I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
-Dr. Jessica
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