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I'm considering adopting a very nice 21 month old~ miniature

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I'm considering adopting a very nice 21 month old~ miniature pinscher/cross female dog brought over to the local animal sanctuary from Cyprus. She has one female puppy of 7 months still with her, but there is little known background as they were apparently strays. She's been spayed in Cyprus, but has rather large, pendulous teats, which are very noticeable owing to her small frame. Is this a sign of a condition I need to be aware of, or will they become smaller in time. Thank you.
Hello, my name is***** and I have over 20 years of experience as a veterinarian. I am glad to see that you are considering adopting this little one. Rescues can make wonderful companions as most truly seem to appreciate the good life after having it rough for so long.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Would you be able to advise?

Once a bitch goes though several heat cycles, pregnancies, and nursing puppies their mammary glands will never be the same again. They will remain larger than if she had never been through a heat due the long term effects of hormones on them. If she has pups and nurses them that will stretch them even further. This isn't harmful for her.They will shrink some now that she is spayed and no longer cycling, and of course no more pups to pull on the will also help.
But comparatively speaking they will always be more prominent.The older a dog is and the more heats she cycles through the higher the incidence of breast cancer, but the size of her mammary glands has no bearing on the incidence of breast cancer.
Because she has been through several heats before being spayed her chances of breast cancer is much higher (at least 60% higher than a dog that never went through a heat) cycle. That doesn't mean she will get breast cancer, but I do recommend watching her mammary chain closely for lumps and having them removed promptly if they occur.Does that help?Do you have any further questions.
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