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Experience:  DVM from Iowa State University in 1994; actively engaged in private regular and emergency practice since that time.
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My ***** ***** appears to be overweight she is 14kg she seems

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My ***** ***** appears to be overweight she is 14kg she seems to be retaining fluid how can this be treated and at what cost please
I'm Dr. Jo and I'm here to help you with your question about Sue. I'm so sorry she is having this problem, but glad you're looking for the information you need.
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What are the most common causes of a 10-year-old dog appearing to retain fluid or gain weight even when food has been cut back? There are two:
1. Hypothyroidism
2. Congestive heart failure
I'll continue answering your question below in another message, but wanted to send this off to you so you'd know I'm working on your question and typing as quickly as I can.
Oh! And I should add a third possibility:
3. Being overfed. Even though you have already cut back her food, it's still possible that she is still getting too much food. This will lead to overweight, obesity and a failure to lose weight.
Now, back to the other two...
In the case of congestive heart failure, fluid builds up in the abdomen and/or chest. I would expect a dog with this problem to show other symptoms. There should be coughing, labored breathing, intolerance for exercise due to respiratory distress, and other evidence of a dog who is really quite ill. Sometimes these dogs have appetite loss and have bony backbones even though their bellies are bloated. It can even be possible to tap on the belly and watch the wave of fluid that results.
In the case of hypothyroidism, the dog might act otherwise completely healthy. If present, any other symptoms may be very subtle...
-decreased energy
-dull, dry hair coat
-increased thirst and/or urination
Diagnosis of these problems is made through physical examination and basic diagnostic tests. The costs for these services vary from clinic to clinic, so you'll need to ask the clinic you'll be going to what they charge.
Typical services necessary to make this determination and the costs for them at a typical small animal clinic in the US are as follows...
-physical exam/office call - $50
-basic blood profile - $130
-specialized thyroid profile - $95
-x-rays - $125
That should get you in the ballpark. Treatment costs range very widely because the treatment for every dog is different. Thyroid disease is generally treated by giving pills twice daily for the rest of the dog's life, but this medication is not expensive. Blood test monitoring periodically throughout the dog's life is also needed, and typically costs an additional $100-$200 per year. Managing congestive heart failure is much more complicated and costs can vary anywhere from an additional $10 per month for medication upwards of hundreds of dollars depending on how serious the problem is and how much advanced diagnostic testing (like an echocardiogram) is needed.
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I know you are in the UK, so I apologize for giving my answers in US $. Please let me know if anything I've written needs further explanation.
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