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DrMelJ, Veterinarian
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Experience:  University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine- class of 2007.
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My mare gave birth three days ago this is my first foal.i

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hi my mare gave birth three days ago this is my first foal.i noticed she lost a bit of slimy blood today is this normal.i did have the vet out when she gave birth and she said she was fine she gave both a tetanus injection
Hi there. Thanks for the question. Let me see if I can help. I'm sorry you had to wait a bit for a response. If your mare passed her placenta completely (hopefully your vet checked for this) and is acting normal ...bright and alert and eating well...then this is fine. There can be some discharge lightly bloody for a few days after birth. What you don't want to see if foul smelling pink or brown pus coming out of the vulva, if the mare starts acting feverish, sore on her front legs, or has the foul discharge, then have a vet out to see her right away. If you don't have them turned out , do so....moving around some will help her empty out her uterus the rest of the way. I hope this helps. Take care.
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