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My Vizsla had surgery 10 days ago to remove his spleen.

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My Vizsla had surgery 10 days ago to remove his spleen. Yesterday part of the wound became infected and his temperature since then is 39.4. He has visited the vet today and had amoxycillin injection and has tablets to start taking tomorrow (he had the injection about 12 hours ago). I'm worried that his temperature is not going down, he was shivering earlier and my wife put the heating on so he is now occasionally panting. I'm wondering at what point we should call an emergency vet or am I being too sensitive and I should just get some sleep? Should I keep him warm or keep him cool?

I should add that he is eating well enough, is drinking a large amount (but seems to be urinating it straight back out) and currently has had some diahhrea for the past day or so as well.

Hi there, vet Andrew here. I'm sorry to hear you and Ged are having problems - I know these things can be worrying.I'd like to ask a few questions first:1. Is he eating and drinking as normal?2. Any vomiting or diarrhoea?3. Any signs of pain around the wound?EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see the second paragraph of your post. I would still like to know about pain in the wound area, though.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Our local vet removed a staple that she thought had twisted round in the wound today before , 95% of the wound is fine and healing well just the very top of wound at his chest is red, slightly inflamed with some clear/cloudy white discharge ocassionally. It does not appear to be very painful, perhaps uncomfortable is a better word, he can lie on his stomach but is clearly more comfortable on his side.

OK, thanks. If the wound has a mild infection and has been seen by a vet, then there should be no need to worry. The amoxycillin injection will typically last 24 hours or so, My advice in your case would be to start the tablets first thing tomorrow morning, as the injection starts to wear off - bear in mind that the amoxycillin should be doing its job of killing bugs but may not yet have done so enough to bring Ged's temp down fully.
Boil up some water, and add about two teaspoons per pint of ordinary salt. When the water has cooled enough that you can keep a finger dipped in it, soak a clean flannel or pad of cotton wool with it and hold it against the infected part of the wound, if he will let you. Hold it there for a good five minutes and repeat the process two-three times. This will help draw the infection.
My suspicion here is that the staples are irritating the wound and Ged will feel a lot better once they are removed. In the meantime, there is no need to put the heating on. If Ged is shivering, this is likely the fever from the infection, which is the body's attempt to raise it's temperature to help kill bugs.
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