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My cat is 15years old and have had no health issues until

Customer Question

Hi, my cat is 15years old and have had no health issues until now. He just recently had a blood test and has hyperthyroid. He has been given medication and I had to take him back for blood again today.
There was a different vet to the first time and he ushered me out of the room (I was present the first time) and 25 minutes later handed him back in the cat carrier and said "all done".
He said my cats heart rate was 220, I heard the clippers twice and when I got home there is a much larger patch under his chin than the first one on the other side shaved compared to the first time; it is also bloody and really red and I am really worried about how he may have been treated.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  Vet replied 2 years ago.
Hi there, vet Andrew here. I understand how worried you are about the blood test.
Let me try to put it from the second vet's point of view. I suspect he/she may have been perhaps less experienced or confident than the first vet, or maybe having the owner out of the room is standard practice for them. These things are not set in stone and everyone has their own way.
When a cat is blood sampled, it is often more difficult the second time, firstly because the cat is aware that there's going to be a needle prick (none of us like those, do we?) and secondly because there may be some slight scarring of the vein from the first time that can interfere with needle placement. This is probably why you see two shaved patches - the vet attempted to sample the first side and was unsuccessful, so went to the other side. This happens quite a lot.
The bloodiness around the area suggests that your cat resisted somewhat during the sampling - again, this is unfortunate, but common. The blood is not a danger to health, and can be safely wiped away with a damp cotton swab.
I hope I have allayed your fears somewhat - it's unlikely that your cat has suffered during the procedure, as they are handled by experienced nurses to ensure the animal's safety. What you describe suggests to me an awkward, but not unduly stressful blood sample procedure. If you have further concerns, I suggest you request the first vet for subsequent consultations - this is a routine practice and well within your rights as a client.
Regards, ***** *****