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Dr. Kara
Dr. Kara, Board Certified Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  Over 20 years of experience as a veterinarian.
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My 12 yer old cat wants to eat constantly

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My 12 yer old cat wants to eat constantly. I have wormed him but every 2 hours sits by his bol and almost trips me up to get attention. Finding it hard and expensive to fill him!

Hello, my name is***** and I have over 20 years of experience as a veterinarian.I am sorry to hear that your fellow seems to have a voracious appetite all of the sudden. When we see a sudden increase in appetite, especially without weight gain or along with weight loss we need to worry about disease processes that either don't allow him to digest and/or absorb the food he is taking in (such as diabetes, liver disease, primary intestinal or pancreatic disease including cancers) or those that lead to a higher metabolic rate such as hyperthyroidism or cancer. In an older cat the more common diseases we see include hyperthyroidism (a tumor of the thyroid gland that overproduces thyroid hormones) or if he were drinking more and urinating a tremendous amount, diabetes. Sometimes early on with diabetes we only see an increased appetite and mild weight loss. Both diabetes and hyperthyroidism are treatable or at least manageable. Hyperthyroidism is controlled with daily oral medication (Tapazole, also called methimazole) or a very special diet called y/d both of which must be done for the rest of his life or treatment with radioactive iodine to selectively kill tumor cells which is usually a one time therapy. There are pros and cons to each therapy which your veterinarian can discuss with you after getting a firm diagnosis. Diabetes is controlled with diet and insulin therapy. Ideally some testing should be done and a diagnosis achieved. I recommend that they start with a complete blood count and biochemistry profile with T-4, as well as a urinalysis.If those look normal then it is time to move on to more specialized testing.I recommend checking vitamin B levels to look for signs of intestinal disease, a test for pancreatic insufficiency called a TLI, and an abdominal ultrasound to look for signs of changes in the walls of the intestines as well as evaluating his organs. He may need an endoscopy to collect biopsies of his intestines if they look abnormal. In the meantime you might try feeding him a higher calorie prescription food called Hills a/d or Iams Maximum Calorie from your veterinarian and make sure he has access to plenty of fresh, clean water. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you l just wanted an answer. I do not want a monthly service from you and will now contact my local vet. My reluctance to firstly go there was my low income and being a senior citizen.

Will you be taking the whole of the £14. Please do not bill me for any other service.

thank you

Gloria Ryan (Mrs)

Mrs. Ryan, I cannot see the financial end of this service, but I will forward this to customer service so they can help make sure this was a one time question fee only and that you are not signed up for a subscription.As far as veterinary costs I would ask if the laboratory that your veterinarian works with offers a mini senior feline health panel. These usually are a little less comprehensive, thus less expensive, but include all the parameters including a T-4 that we need to see for a cat like your fellow. You can also ask to run diagnostic testing in a stepwise fashion, so that you have the more likely things tested for first and thus may not have to run all of the tests I discussed above.
Just checking in to see if you have any further questions for me regarding your fellow, Dr. Kara