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Doc Sara
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Experience:  I am a dog and cat veterinarian with a lifetime of experience in our family veterinary hospital.
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HiLast year our boxer we think was bitten by an adder - did

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Hi Last year our boxer we think was bitten by an adder - did not find the two holes in the side of front paw until a couple of days after run in the wilds so to speak. She showed no signs of illness thank goodness but the two holes even now will bleed and do not seem to heal. We have seen our own vets who are very good but did not seem to think there was a problem. Is this usual so long after a snake bite - certainly looks like one.

For extra info the wounds do heal over very thinly and blister slightly then break out into weeping blood again.  She has had a couple of mass cell tumours removed elsewhere and she has always healed ok no problems.

Good morning, I'm Dr. Sara. Actually I guess it may not be morning for you, as the website tells me that you're in the UK :) If this wound first popped up last year (like 2014?), then it's been going on a really long time. It's difficult for me to say without seeing it myself exactly what may have caused it or what specific actions could be helpful, however, a non-healing wound that lingers for that long is certainly cause for concern. If the area can be accessed surgically the best way to really find out what it is would be to remove a portion (or all of it) surgically for both culture and biopsy. In a most common scenario - if it's between the toes - it may simply be what we can an interdigital cyst, which is a cyst containing wax and oil from the skin that has become internalized and caused inflammation. Sometimes these also get infected so treatment with a systemic antibiotic can be helpful. Interdigital cysts have a fairly characteristic appearance, so usually I have a good idea what it is when I see it on physical exam. For some interdigital cysts we do have to go in surgically to debride and clean out the area. Draining tracts that keep popping open can also be a sign of less common infectious diseases that require special cultures and histopathologic tests to diagnose. These are certainly less common, and which tests should be run is dependent on your geography and what diseases are most likely present in your area. You mentioned mast cell disease too, and that's certainly a possibility. Mast cell disease is called "the great pretender" because it can really look like just about anything. A biopsy would sort out whether this is a new area of mast cell disease. I sure hope this info helps - please met know if you have any follow up questions :)~Dr. Sara
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi and thank you. I agree a biopsy should now be taken. My question now is does a cyst usually have 2 weeping holes?

Absolutely, interdigital cysts can have multiple draining tracts, as can the rest of the diseases that I mentioned. Truly, an adder bite usually causes severe disease within the first day or two that can be potentially life threatening. If you didn't see these things and this is more of a chronic problem, I'd suspect something else. ~Dr. Sara
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you so much. We will take her for biopsy now.