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Dr. Deb
Dr. Deb, Veterinarian
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Experience:  I have been a practicing veterinarian for over 30 years.
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My 11 year old Yorkie has just got up from his blanket staggered

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My 11 year old Yorkie has just got up from his blanket staggered sideways and walked like a drunk no control on his legs, I picked him up rubbed him fussed him and kept rubbing him he has an enlarged heart. He seems recovered now and has eaten a small favorite chew and is resting on his blanket and walking normally. Should I seek help now or take him to my vet in the morning.
Hello, I'm Dr. Deb and will do my best to help you today. I'm sorry for this concern for your Yorkie. I do have a few additional questions to ask about him first if you don't mind: 1. Can you tell me the color of his gums and tongue?2. Is he panting or acting as if he's in respiratory distress?3. And, just to confirm, he's walking normally and doesn't have any balance issues at all?4. Is he currently taking any medications? There may be a slight delay after I receive your answers since I have to type up a response to you. Thanks for your patience. Deb
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Colour of tongue and gums pink, Is not panting does nor distressed. Walking normally now. Medication for enlarged heart half a Vasotop daily Sleeping in his basket now. ?
Thanks for the additional information. Based on the information you've provided, it doesn't sound as if your Yorkie is critical to the point where he needs to be immediately seen.It's possible that he experienced a low blood pressure event when he stood up or it's also possible that he had a partial seizure episode...either one of which shouldn't last more than just a few minutes. If he hasn't been seen for a while, it might be a prudent move to schedule a recheck in the morning but unless he has another episode within a short period of time (over the next few hours), then I would continue to monitor him. I hope this helps. Deb
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you so much I am 84 years of age and very frightened as there is no veterinary available this time of night.and I live alone and have no support. I shall continue to watch him and take him first thing in the morning to my vet who I visit regularily. What should I do should it happen again can you give me some guidance,
You're more than welcome.I can understand your concern ever more now that you're provided details about your personal situation. I'm certain that it was a pretty scary event! If he should happen to have another episode, look at the color of his gums/tongue. Now that you know they're the normal color they should be, you'll want to note any differences or changes to share with your vet.Time the episode. During such events, they can seem to last for hours, but it will be helpful to know exactly how long they did last.Try to reassure him that he's going to be fine. Try not to panic...which I know will be hard not to do!Given that he's a Yorkie and this smaller breeds are very prone to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), I might rub honey or pancake syrup on his gums. Hypoglycemia is a much more commonly seen problem in these smaller breeds when they're young but the older ones can develop the problem as well (usually secondary to more serious issues such as a tumor on the pancreas or liver issues). If it happens again and this were my patient, I'd want to run blood work to rule out any abnormalities. Hopefully, it was just a "one off" as they say. Deb
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Many thanks you have reassured me I don't suppose I will sleep tonight. but I have some Manuks honey which I will try to rub on his gums and take him to the vet first thing in the morning his health is noto good has ;paralized larynx and six stets in his throat when his wind pipe collapsed but is very lively in every way. and precious as my only companion. The incident only last about 4 minutes but seemed an age and I kept rubbing him and reassuring him and calling his name. Thank you so much once again.
I'm glad that I could help.I agree that you're not likely to get much sleep worrying about him but do remember that our beloved pets are pretty emphatic. They can detect our stress which isn't good for them...nor for us. But at least you have a backup plan should another event occur. Please keep me posted about him if you have a chance. I'd very much like to know what your vet thinks may be going on with him. Even after you've rated (if you do, of course), we can continue to discuss this issue about him at no additional charge to you. In addition, because of the time difference (I'm in the States and it's 5 pm here), I will still be off and on my computer for the next several hours so you can contact me again if you need to. If I happen to be off at the time you contact me, I'll get back to you as soon as I can when I log back on. Best of luck with him. Kind regards, Deb
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I shall rest happier now, many thanks for your help and support, It is going to be a long night. I shall try to keep you informed. God Bless you,
***** *****.
Margaret:My pleasure:) And, thanks for the rating; it's greatly appreciated.And, don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need to. Try to at least get some rest:) Kindest regards, Deb
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
When I took Timmy to the vet she found that his heart was out of rythmn and gave him water tablets, he seems fully recovered now but did not eat for 3 days so must have upset him badly. I don;t know if this will get to you. Best regards
Yes, I was able to access your update about Timmy.
And, I'm glad to hear that he's doing so well with his new medication; I hope that he continues to do so:) Kind regards, Deb