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Dr. Dan
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My 15 year old cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 2 years

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My 15 year old cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 2 years ago. He was on 2 5mg tablets a day but lost alot of weight over the last 4+ months. The vet thought he had renal failure. He couldn't keep any food or water down and had diarrhoea for 4 days. Although he seemed bright enough, but wasn't his normal self and wasn't in obvious pain but I'm sure he must have been in some discomfort. I took the awful decision to have him put to sleep. I was convinced it was the beginning of the end and couldn't bear to see him suffer. Did I do the right thing? Should I have asked the vet to give him a full exam or would I only have prolonged the inevitable?
Hello!Thank you for your question, I'm Dr. Dan and I'll try to help you. I'm very sorry you had to go through this terrible decision, it is never easy and always sad to make this decision. I do think you did the right thing. Cats that lose a lot of weight suddenly and start vomiting repeatedly, especially older cats, are in serious trouble. The most common causes of this are kidney disease, liver disease, and the most common is intestinal cancer caused lymphoma. With this much vomiting and weight loss, likely there wasn't a lot in her future other than hospitalization and medications. With these symptoms I do think you made the right decision there was only more nausea and discomfort in the future. I hope this helps, if not please feel free to ask more questions. Dr. Dan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you so much. I doubted my heart breaking decision and feel so guilty even though my head says it was the right thing to do. I appreciate your assurance. It has given me some comfort.
You are welcome, having had to make this decision myself with my own pets I know the pain, it does slowly pass. Dr. Dan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I know this isn't a counselling service, but when you're in tears, feeling sad with no one to talk to at this ungodly hour...You have been a real help. Maybe I can sleep now.
You are welcome!
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