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Dr Scott Nimmo, Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon.
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Could lymphoma between the heart and lungs be misdiagnosed

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Could lymphoma between the heart and lungs be misdiagnosed for hyperthyroidism
In my 16 year old cat. He was diagnosed last week with out biopsy just X-ray. However since I've stumbled across symptoms for hyperthyroidism and I may be being hopeful but have stumbled across the signs and symptoms for hyperthyroidism in cats. Gucci has all the symptoms and many of them for the past couple of years. Im waiting for the vet to call to find out if he's been tested for this. Little things like night howling-he's been doing that. Greasy chest hair- he has that at the moment, excessive eating - 6 pouches a day recently one after the other, panting, burst of energy - he regularly will
For no reason charge around the flat uncontrollably howling. Muscle wastage on back legs and spine. Vomiting episode. It can cause a shadow in his chest cavity. He's had lack of appetite episodes, irritability. He has had a module on his chest the past 3 years the size of a kidney bean. Vet checked it 3 years ago and said it was a cyst. I wonder if it was thyroid related. Have everything crossed that perhaps they've misdiagnosed xx
Hello and welcome, This is just a quick note to let you know that I am locked on to your question and am working on it now. I am a small animal vet with many years experience and rest assured I will do my best to answer your question to your satisfaction today. You can expect a written reply sometime within the next five to ten minutes or so. We also have the option to talk things over by telephone or via an internet service such as Skype. Please get back to me if this is more convenient for you. { There is a small extra charge for phone calls } Regards, *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
He is
Currently on predosoline and I'm
Giving him homeopathic coenzyme q10 and ip-6
Hello again So sorry to hear about your cat's problems, I have worked out an answer for you ... 1. " Could lymphoma between the heart and lungs be misdiagnosed for hyperthyroidism " ? : Well the short answer is no since the thyroid gland is in the neck so if pathology is showing on X-ray in the chest cavity near the heart then the chances are you are dealing with a lymphoma or similar cancer. 2. That said hyperthyroidism is very common in older cats { It is really an age related disease } particularly ones in Gucci's age group and the symptoms you describe are very suggestive of this disease so it is more than possible that this is going on as well. Hyperthyroidism is easy to diagnose via a simple blood test by the way. 3. If it does turn out to be a cancer in the chest plus hyperthyroidism then this is going to be a very hard call in deciding to try and treat the thyroid condition or not ... The nodule on his chest is not likely to be related to either condition. A complex case, the prednisolone will help short term but all you can do is to work with your vet on this one ... I hope I have covered your question fully enough but if you would like further clarification or to talk things over a bit more then I will be on-line for the next hour or so and I will be more than pleased to continue working with you. Regards, ***** ***** be kind enough to rate my service to you after we have concluded our dialogue, such feedback helps me maintain the quality of my answers.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your advice. Is there a possibility that an overactive thyroid undiagnosed could have caused this mass in his chest area. Would the predosoline be helping this vurrentky
Hello again, Very glad to talk this over with you further ... While with true hyperthyroidism the thyroid gland itself will grow in size { In the neck } no lesions would be visible elsewhere such as in the chest. While a very much rarer condition cancer of the thyroid gland could mimic the symptoms of hyperthyroidism and then spread of the cancer to the chest and elsewhere would be possibility. But I would stress this is quite rare, the diagnosis is more than likely a lymphoma as your vet suggests with a possible concurrent age related hyperthyroidism. Prednisolone is a useful drug in such cases as it will reduce the size of tumours particularly lymphomas but the effect is only temporary and will only last for a some weeks or a couple of months, after that the lymphoma will take over again. Unfortunately your cat's case is not good however you look at it, sorry to be the bearer of bad news ... Regards, ***** ***** be kind enough to rate my service to you after we have concluded our dialogue, such feedback helps me maintain the quality of my answers.
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