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Dr. B.
Dr. B., Board Certified Veterinarian
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Experience:  General practice veterinary surgeon with extensive experience in a wide range of species.
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My Doberman got stuck to my Rottweiler and the Rottweiler

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Hi my Doberman got stuck to my Rottweiler and the Rottweiler ripped off the Doberman yelped and seems to be in pain and has a lot of discharge around that area now. Any suggestions on what to do?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
His penis is now floppy but very swollen

Hello & welcome, I am Dr. B, a licensed veterinarian and I would like to help you with your wee one today.

Can his penis retract into the sheath?

Is it discolored?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It was a really bright red colour and it looked like his penis was stretched out that much it was stuck. It's finally got done but he's shaking and its swollen

Thank you,

I have to say that I am quite concerned about your lad.

If we have penile swelling this may be a hematoma (bleeding into the tissue) or soft tissue inflammation from this trauma. Furthermore, if the penis is flopping after this traumatic damage, there is risk that the female has fractured the os penis (the bone in the dog's penis). And if it is caught out, then circulation may be compromised which would compromise circulation to cause further swelling and death of penile tissue.

With this all in mind, I have to warn you that we have a very serious situation. So, if the penis is flopping with swelling and he is sore; we'd want him seen now. His local vet can determine if the bone has been broken and most importantly treat with pain relief and anti-inflammatories to reduce the swelling and reduce his pain. And if this is caught out, they can replace it for him to ensure circulation isn't lost. Therefore, we have a very serious situation here and in this case it would be prudent to get your wee one to the emergency vet. To find your local ER veterinary clinic, you can check @ or

Please take care,

Dr .B.


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