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Dr. B.
Dr. B., Board Certified Veterinarian
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Experience:  General practice veterinary surgeon with extensive experience in a wide range of species.
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I have a 7 year old cockerel who has been sitting down for

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I have a 7 year old cockerel who has been sitting down for last week or so, today i noticed he could hardly stand up & foot/leg seemed to be very painful. Foot looks a little larger than the other, but no noticable redness/scabs/injuries. He is a heavy bird Welsummer & i realise the pearch is about 2 foot from floor & he does have large spurs. I clean them out every day, so no build up of droppings at all. His combe is slightly dark purple at thr rear today as well, otherwise red. He suffers from occasional white patches of mould on combe which i treat with athlete's foot cream effectively. They all had a bad bout of mites recently, treated with Ditreamas Earth & then mild anticeptic bath. Generally, have very few problems with the chickens, they are free range 1/4 acre & fed with Allen & Page Smllerholder range of layers pellets.

Hello & welcome, I am Dr. B, a licensed veterinarian and I would like to help you with your wee one today.

Any chance of trauma or injury?

Any hints of healing wounds?

When you press on the foot and toes, any boney instability or crunching?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi.No sign of trauma/injury. As I say, just one foot looks slightly larger underneath, than the other. But not red or obvious sign of scab etc. Both feet/legs look the same otherwise. I didn't wiggle toes/foot but did flex it & he struggled to get away, so assumed painful/very uncomfortable.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Would a photo be useful if I can send one?

Hi again,

A photo would be grand to let me see what you are seeing. If you have one, you can post it via the paperclip icon above your taskbar. Or you can post it on any site and paste the link here for me.

Dr. B.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
HiHope you get these photos, he hobbled out of the house after this so difficult to get any more without chaising him and didn't want to. He then had head down and eyes closed again whilst standing - not good....

Thank you,

Now based on his signs and his posture, I agree that he is quite sore with this. In regards ***** ***** for what we are seeing, we'd be wary of a hairline fracture, or possible brewing bumble foot (where wounds are usually visible but not always). Gout would be less likely given the normal appearance to the joints. Tendon issues would have to be considered but less likely.

With this in mind, we do want to start some supportive care. Since our changes are all internal, we will need to treat systemically/orally. Therefore, to start we'd want him on pain relief. Now it would be ideal to have his local vet dispense a bird safe strong anti-inflammatory here, but in a pinch you can choose to try him with Aspirin (5mg per kilogram every 12 hours). Once that is on board we'd hope to see him moving better. As well, to cover bacterial bases, we can start a broad spectrum antibiotic (ie Lincomycin, Penicillin G, Enrofloxacin) from your local vet or farms supply. Also if he will allow you can warm compress or warm soak (Epsom salts can be used) the foot to help reduce inflammation. And deep bedding in a pen with easy food/water access should be continued.

Overall, these signs raise a few concerns for Rocky. So, we'd want to start the above supportive care. If he starts to settle, we are happy. But if this persists, then we'd want a check with his local avian vet to ensure we address this and get him settled.

Just in case you do need an avian vet and do not have one already, you can check where you can find one at near you at AAV (, Avian web( or Birdsnway(

Kind regards,

Dr. B.


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi. Thanks for your help. Update after 4 days- he's still alive! I followed your advice with both drugs. He's still ill but as each day that goes past, I'm more hopeful that he will pull through. He is still not cock-a-doodling which shows how poorly he still is, but does walk about before sitting down again. Certainly he is more steady on his feet.Thank you.

You are very welcome and thank you for the update,

That certainly sounds like a move in the right direction there. So, do keep up the good work and hopefully we will see him continue to improve for us and get back to crowing. :)

Best wishes,

Dr. B.