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Dr. B.
Dr. B., Board Certified Veterinarian
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I have two cats one male and 1 female both 14. I took them

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I have two cats one male and 1 female both 14.
I took them in as rescue 3years ago.
She is over weight i am trying to keep her food doown.
He is quite abit smaller than her. ~~~He has arthrites
They have never attempted to get on the kitchen units, until recently and i chase them of but as soon as im out of sight they get up again. Also iv found pee on the carpet, but this morning when i first got up i went into the kitchen and one of them had pood in the sink!
I keep saying it is him but it could be her. Why would they have started to do this?
thank you
Sandra Galley

Hello & welcome, Sandra. I am Dr. B, a licensed veterinarian and I would like to help you today.

Now I have to say that I am concerned to hear about these recent changes in behavior. It is important to know that cats are a prey species and hardwired to bury their wastes. So, for this mystery cat inappropriately eliminating, they are telling us that something is amiss. In regards ***** ***** question often it will be a change in the home. Anything that is perceived as a change: routine alterations, people coming/going, babies, new furniture, scents, cats outside, etc. can set them off. As well, we can see internal changes (ie health issues) unsettle cats and cause these kinds of behaviors.

With this in mind, we do need to take some action. To quickly find out who is the culprit, we often find use a webcam or video recorder of benefit. Otherwise, what you have reported with their counter surfing when you aren’t present is quite common. Therefore, we need to use 24/7 deterrents like Scatmats (example) or motion detecting air sprays (example) to help make your message clear even when you aren’t home. Though otherwise we’d need to block their access to the room when you aren’t there.

Otherwise, since stress often triggers these signs, we can consider a stress-relief treatment. . In regards ***** ***** we often will use Feliway, (also known as Comfort Zone in the pet stores) which is a synthetic cat pheromone that helps to relieve stress. This can be used as a spray or a plug-in diffuser. There is also a diet on the market called Calm by Royal Canin. This contains a number of supplements that have been found to provide stress relief to cats. As well, there are nutritional supplements available from the vets, like Kalmaid or Zylkene , that we often use to soothe anxious cats And some people have found success with the homeopathic treatments Bach Flower Remedy for pets. Any of these can be used in combination to help settle any feline tension in your house.

Finally, since both cats are elderly, we’d want to consider a check up in the near future. If they are due a booster, consider moving that appointment up so they can be examined to just make sure there are no health reasons triggering this for them. And if have tried the above and are struggling at that point, your vet can discuss medication options if needed to counter this behavior.

Kind regards,

Dr. B.


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