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Dr. B.
Dr. B., Board Certified Veterinarian
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Experience:  General practice veterinary surgeon with extensive experience in a wide range of species.
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I have a Fronted Amazon who seems to have very very loose

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Hi i have a Green Fronted Amazon who seems to have very very loose movements that also smell of sulphur , any ideas ? the bird is between 35 and 40 years oldRegards ***** *****

Hello & welcome, I am Dr. B, a licensed veterinarian and I would like to help you today.

In regard to your question, we do need to tread with care if Peppy has loose stools. This is because birds can become dehydrated very quickly which can make them feel poorly. As well, as diarrhea causes nutrient loss, we can see weight loss appear quite rapidly as well. Now in regards ***** ***** you can do, as long as you aren't seeing blood in his stools, there are some steps you can take just now.

To start, you do want to make sure he is eating and drinking well. The latter is especially important to counter his diarrhea losses, so if he isn't drinking as well as we'd like we may need to tempt him with fruit juice flavoured water or an electrolyte solution (ie Vit-al). Otherwise, you can see if your local pet store carry an avian probiotic (ie Avipro plus, Benebac,etc) as this will support his gut and help normalize the gut bacteria present (which sulphur odors could be related to pathogenic bacteria here). And if he is very runny, then you can try him with 1-2 ml of OTC Kaolin/Kaopectate to slow his diarrhea. As well, offering high fiber foods (ie canned/cooked pumpkin, brown rice, etc) can also help bulk up his diarrhea and help reduce it for him. Of course, if these signs linger over 24 hours despite the above, then we'd want his local vet to see Peppy and test a stool sample so we can determine what is present (ie bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc) and nip it in the bud.

Just in case you do need an avian vet and do not have one already, you can check where you can find one at near you at AAV (, Avian web( or Birdsnway(

Kind regards,

Dr. B.


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