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Tom Crippen
Tom Crippen, Veterinarian
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Hope you can help. My pup has Nobivac DHP & Lepto 2 Jan 30,

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Hi hope you can help. My pup has Nobivac DHP & Lepto 2 Jan 30, and again March 2 which was a couple of days out of the window. I collected her that day and was advised to give a booster in 2 weeks. I went to my own vet yesterday but forgot the paperwork, in the absence of which he assumed and administered L4. I'm now told she still cannot go out for another week and needs another L4. I understand L4 is a more comprehensive vaccine than L2 but I am desperate to take my pup outside, is she relatively safe? She's now 13 weeks old

Hi, my name is***** am a vet in the UK. Hopefully I can help. Can I ask her date of Birth, this can make a difference in when a pup can go out and timing of vaccines.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
DOB was 10/12/17, so 1st jabs 30/1, 2nd jabs 2/3.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
DOB was 10/12/17, so 1st jabs 30/1, 2nd jabs 2/3, which is when I collected her.
I guess my question is, does it make that much difference that her 2nd jabs were a couple of days late.

Hi, sorry for the delay. Vaccines and the timing of when we give them, when they can go out and the pups age can become a little complicated so I'll try and make is understandable.

So the DHP (distemper hepatitis and parvovirus) vaccine should be on board and working. This has an onset of immunity 1 week after giving. The second one was given at nearly 12 weeks.

The leptospirosis vaccine is a little different. The L2 datasheet advises the second vaccine is given 2-4 weeks after the first, she was 3 days over this (using a 7 day week). Obviously also as per your question the L4 vaccine covers for 2 more serovars so your vet has essentially restarted her on the L4 - this usually involves 2 vaccines 4 weeks apart.

The question as to can she go out:

With regard to the diseases she can catch off other dogs that we vaccinate against (DHP) she will be, as much as we can tell (good response to vaccine etc) be covered by the vaccines she has had, so interacting with other dogs in this situation for your average dog should be fine.

Leptospirosis is primarily caught from rats and through rat urine - weils disease in humans. It is advised for dogs who are un-vaccinated or haven't received an appropriate course to then stay away from swimming, standing water and anywhere there may be rats. Rat urine gets washed into standing water/drains/water ways hence the risk. As she went several days over I'm not sure we can say she has had an appropriate course.

It may be your vet has advised giving another week as there is a higher risk in your area and they may have seen some lepto cases. I'm in Bristol and Bath and I am relatively happy if a dog has a DHP properly on board and the dates are correct for them to pavement walk and socialise until the lepto course is up to date but this does vary by area.

I would certainly be hesitant to go against your vets advice though as they will know the risks in your specific area.

Thanks, ***** ***** has helped, it's not black and white unfortunately and depends a little on where you live as to the relative risk.

If you feel I've helped please don't forget to rate my answer using the star system above.

Thanks, Tom

Sorry forgot to say the onset of immunity for the leptospirosis vaccine is 3 weeks from the last vaccine of a course.


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Thanks, ***** ***** questions just ask

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks so much, super clear and helpful. My pup is 13 weeks old and could really do with going out so I’ll stick to pavements and perhaps small pieces of grass until fully immune