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Dr Scott Nimmo
Dr Scott Nimmo, Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon.
Category: Vet
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Experience:  BVMS, MRCVS. { Glasgow UK }
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We went away overnight and came home this morning to the

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Hi, we went away overnight and came home this morning to the dogs having broken through the screen door, (one dog is a new rescue dog) and there is approximately 600grams of chocolate missing including the wrappers. We cant be sure if it happened last night or this morning but neither dog is showing any abnormal symptoms.
Assistant: I'll do all I can to help. What seems to be the problem with the Dog?
Customer: Nothing so far, we are concerned the dogs may suffer chocolate poisoning. Should we give them their normal dry food?
Assistant: Did you see what the Dog ate?
Customer: Celebration chocolates. We didnt see which dog ate how much
Assistant: Is there anything else important you think the Veterinarian should know about the Dog?
Customer: The dogs weigh 35kg and 20kg respectively.

Hello, my name is***** thank you for your question. I am a fully qualified vet from the UK and have spent the last thirty years or so treating dogs, cats, and smaller pets. I will be very glad to help you today, please allow me ten minutes or so to review your question and type things up, I will then get straight back to you.

Hello again

I have worked out an answer for you below ...

Good news, I very much doubt if this incident is going to adversely affect your dogs very much, in fact, there are no special measures you need take other than just keeping an eye on your dogs. While chocolate can be toxic to dogs under certain circumstances they have to eat quite a lot, probably very much more than your dog ate today before you would see signs of toxicity. But let's talk things over in more depth using the weight of the smaller dog which is 20 kgs (44 pounds) ...

The rule of thumb which I apply is that with milk chocolate mild signs of toxicity can occur when 0.7 ounces per pound of body weight is ingested. Severe signs occur when 2 ounces per pound of body weight is swallowed. If you estimate your dog's weight as being in the region of 44 pounds (20kgs) then you can see that your dog would have to swallow 30.8 ounces of pure milk chocolate before any symptoms would even start to occur. Clearly, the amount of chocolate involved today which is 21.16 ounces (600 grams) is going to be very minimal by comparison, so no worries as far as chocolate toxicity goes.

I am telling you the following just for your information as your dog ate so little you need not do anything and need not be concerned.

The symptoms of chocolate poisoning would include vomiting and diarrhoea as well as frequent urination, and restlessness in the early stages. This can then progress to cardiac dysfunction, tremors and fits. Of course, you should call your vet without delay if any symptoms appear.

Having said that most dogs with chocolate poisoning will recover within 24 to 48 hours, particularly if serious symptoms do not occur. There is no specific treatment for chocolate poisoning only symptomatic treatment.

Here is a link to a very accurate article on chocolate toxicity in the dog, follow this and you can check the accuracy of my advice and read more on the subject: LINK

But in any case, I should be available online for you the next four or five hours today so please do not hesitate to get straight back to me in the very unlikely event that your dog's condition changes in any way or you would like to talk things over with me further.


Dr Scott
I hope you have found my advice useful. Please now be kind enough to rate my service to you by selecting the 5 stars at the top of the screen, such feedback greatly helps me maintain the quality of my answers. Rating me now does not close your question, we can continue here until you are satisfied, simply use the reply box to get back to me at any point. Many thanks ...

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Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Thanks very much, I appreciate the prompt reply. This was the reassurance I was looking for. Im assuming the dogs would have shared the chocolate also so based on these calculations they should be okay. The new dog is very naughty!Cheers ***** ***** contact you if anything changes.Josh.

No problem, very glad to be advising you and thank you very much for the good rating, this is very much appreciated.

Please let me know how things go ...

Kindest regards,

Dr Scott