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Linda Simon
Linda Simon, Veterinarian
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I am dogsitting for a 3 year old daschund and earlier he was

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I am dogsitting for a 3 year old daschund and earlier he was breathing very strangely - every so often he'd give like a snort of air out. I was worried he'd eaten something he shouldn't have and it had lodged in his airway, but now I think it might have been hiccups - is that possible? Its stopped and hasn't started again.
JA: I'll do all I can to help. The Expert will know if the dog will be able to digest that. Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about the dog?
Customer: i don't think he ate anything, I think it was hiccups, I've just never heard a dog hiccup before and want to be sure.
Hi there, you are through to Dr Linda. I do apologise that your question was not answered more promptly and hope that I can still be of help.
It's always the way that things seem to go wrong when owners are away!
From your description and given the age and breed of the dog I would be most suspicious that this is a 'reverse sneeze'. This is a very normal behaviour that is not worrying. I encourage you to YouTube a video to see if it is the same thing.
I would also want to be sure that the dog is eating and drinking as normal and is happy to go for walks and play. They should not be panting, wheezing or having any trouble breathing. When they are resting (lying down or sleeping) you can count their breathing rate in one minute, which should be less than 30.
I do hope that this answer has been helpful and please do not forget to rate the service by selecting the stars at the top of the screen so I may be compensated for my time. Even after rating we can continue the conversation. All the best, ***** *****
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