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I discovered recently that my cat has been having a dry

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Hi,I discovered recently that my cat has been having a dry patch of hair on his back. He doesn't show any irritation unless I touch it. What would the cause of this?Thanks

Dr. Michael Salkin is typing. Please note that experts aren't allowed to prescribe prescription drugs in this venue.

Can you upload a photo(s) of this patch to our conversation? You can do so by using the paperclip icon in the toolbar above your message box (if you can see that icon) or by using an external app such as

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
These are the best we could take really. He's an indoor cat by the way. Never went outside

Thank you. Give me a moment to take a look, please.

The photos are out of focus but I can see quite an extensive area of disrupted skin and scaling. Has Helen been licking/biting at this area?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No biting or scratching, but he does move way quite quickly if touched in that region. I tried holding him down while my wife took those two photos

I would need to examine this area hands-on to be most accurate for you. I'll opt out of this conversation for another expert to give you his/her thoughts.

Hi my name is*****'m a small animal vet based in the UK

Can I ask if Helen has had a recent flea treatment applied? If so which one was used? Thanks

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to view our concern. Helen never had fleas before.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
His last visit to the vet was about 10 months ago. He had his usual check up. He's due in a month or so

Ok, so no recent flea treatment? My first thought would be that this may be a condition called flea allergy dermatitis. It is one of the most common cause of scabbing and hair loss in cats. If a cat is sensitive to fleas then it doesn't take much to start such a reaction. In the first instance I would recommend treating her for fleas using an appropriate prescription flea product from your vet and spraying the house to remove any possible environmental decontamination. If the lesion does not show signs of improvement or seems to worsen then she will need a check up at the vets and possibly some testing in order to determine the cause of the problem (other parasites, fungal infection, other allergic disease are all possible).

I hope that helps? Please let me know if you need any further help or advice.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for the thorough reply Chris. I have ruled out fleas in my head because he's an indoor cat. Never left our house. But this is an interesting thought. I'll take him to the vet for a thorough check up. Much appreciated

You're welcome. Bear in mind that flea eggs can be carried into the house on shoes and clothing so being strictly indoors does not rule it out. I hope you get this sorted for him :)

Dr Chris, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
Satisfied Customers: 1669
Experience: BVetMed MRCVS
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