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Linda Simon
Linda Simon, Veterinarian
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I purchased i Dachshund puppy DOB 23rd May 2019 my purchase

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i purchased i Dachshund puppy DOB 23rd May 2019 my purchase 22nd November.The breeder informed me the reason for keeping the puppy was she wanted to show him,
but because he had only one testicle this was no longer possible she had been hoping the second one appear. However this did not happen consequently she had to let him go. I have since visited my local vet who cannot feel any testicles and has to remove them from stomach .I am now facing a bill for almost £600, would this breeder have realized what had happened earlier I dearly love this puppy but do feel I have been duped, what are your views?

Hi there, you are through to Dr Linda

I hope little Alfie is settling in well; Dachshunds are great fun!

I am surprised the breeder didn't realise that both testicles weren't descended and had told you it was just one, however this may have been a genuine mistake.

Whether he had 1 or 2, the surgery would not cost much different to be honest, as the main cost is the anaesthetic, surgeon's time etc.

It is common for cryptorchid surgery to cost substantially more than regular neutering as it takes longer and is a more complex procedure. If the breeder has no experience of this, they may not have realised.

Not neutering him is not advised as this can result in testicular cancer in later life.

In my experience, it is the owner that tends to foot the bill unless an agreement was made before the purchase of the pup, which would be very rare.

No harm in asking for e.g. the difference in cost between this and a regular neuter but the breeder would not be obliged to pay and it would be a gesture of goodwill on their part

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
could you tell me please the approx cost of a regular neuter ?

It's highly variable as it depends on where you are in the UK and each private clinic can charge what they like.

You can ring around to get estimates from each clinic.

As a Locum vet in West London, for a dog <10kg, I have seen anything from £99 to £300. Typically, when you pay more it is because they offer more w.g. blood pressure monitoring and a fluid drip during the procedure, a buster collar and course of pain relief to go home with

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