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Hope you are keeping safe from the covid 19 problems and the

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Hello . Hope you are keeping safe from the covid 19 problems and the other problems over you way. Would you be interessted in a new scene involving lions , let me know thanks.
Hello my friend. Staying safe here yet Things slowly getting back to normal. Will be happy to do another one with you.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
glad to hear you are ok. very slowly starting to try and get back to normal here in the uk , but it could go either way .
On a lonly plantation , this young guy rests in the cool shade of his room , the lovre doors open to let what breeze enter and help cool him down , The lions are becoming desperate for food and start to encroach on the human areas. In this case comming into the house were this guy is sitting having a nap. how and what will happen to him thanks.
Will work on this over the next days. Will be very busy next few days. May be Monday to get back to you on this if alright.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thats fine . Look forward to hearing from you , bye for now.
Have a good evening and enjoyable weekend.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
you too.

My apologies, very busy last days with cases. Have been thinking about this and working about it now. How was your weekend?

If the lion came into the house, then it would find the person. If the person was sleeping the lion prefers to be an ambush hunter. Meaning they will likely attack and then bite on the neck or head as strangulation or immobilization of prey is one of the main tactics for hunting. If the person was laying face up then would grab by the throat to cause strangulation, if laying with head down, then would grab by the back of the neck to cause strangulation and possible paralysis from damage to the neck. The victim then may fight and thrash about some to try to escape. However with the full force of the clamping of the bite. Escape would not be possible. Once the lion has ensured that not moving any more and fully immobilized. This may take 5 minutes as the lion wants to be sure prey is immobilized. Then will look to start to move to feeding. Typically may start then on the abdomen as this area is softer and more easy to eat at first. If the victim did wake up before the lion was on him, then the lion would chase down, likely jump on from the back and then proceed to grasp by the neck as above explained too. As the prey is eaten on, then the lion will move onto the larger muscle and tissue of the legs and then onto the arms. When hungry will want to eat the largest amount as soon as possible of food. Then will slowly pull the bones apart to chew on them. WIll slowly take the bones apart piece by piece to get all of the soft tissue off of the bones that is able to be eaten. Some bones may be eaten, however most will be left as they are picked clean of tissue. When finished likely bones will be strewn about and dismantled and taken about. The skeletal remains will not be in an orderly fashion, clothing will likely just be torn about and not left in any place. However most clothing will not be eaten as the lion can pull and tear that off and place in other places. The feeding and attack can be done rapidly. However if the lion is not disturbed it may take its time to chew and scavenge about with the bones.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello thanks for your reply . I know that you are busy and may be delayed in replying and that you will respond when you have time . My weekend was quiet just relaxing after a busy week at work .
Would it be one lion or lioness that would feed on the guy , how much of him would one animal be able to eat.

Thanks for understanding. It really depends on how many lions were there. If it was one adult male it may take a days or so to eat all. However if the pride showed up, or a lioness with cubs. All eatable portions could be consumed within a few hours. One cat if large may be able to eat up to 40 kg in one meal. This would be the largest portion of the muscles then to eat. Then if the mother and the cubs were there, they would perhaps eat some each, 5-15 kg each.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks. if it was just one large male lion that attacked the guy list in order of eating .from the list that i give. Head , arms , main trunk torso in T shirt, lower torso in the tight shorts , thighs , lower legs . thanks again.

Torso likely to start as more soft tissue there, like abdomen, then lower torso ( in shorts), then work down on legs, starting top to bottom as more tissue on upper thighs then working down the legs, then onto the arms. At this point will likely have eaten the fill if only one lion. Then since not a lot of tissue on the head, over the ribs, other more bony areas then these may be left. He may come back another day to feed, or leave and then other scavenger animals may come to finish consuming. Generally they will eat the most readily accessible and tastiest parts first. Also the easiest to consume, which are more tissue and less muscle also.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Absolutley great information , .this will work great in my stories . When feeding on the lower torso in the tight shorts , will it start at the fron or back , how much could it take in one bite.

Likely on the back side, as more soft tissue there, they like to eat first on the larger muscles and work from there. The pelvis may be a bit of an issue, the lion may eat the tissue easily accessible around the pelvic bones, however some of the tissue protected by the pelvis may not eat in the center then would eat the tissue on the front also after ate all from the back side. Could take 0.5-1 kg in one large bite, as long as bone did not get in the way. Then the clothing would likely be just pulled until torn and removed that way. Likely not consumed.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
WOW , So given how large the lions mouth is . it could potentialy take all that was in the front of the shorts as one mouthful . could it eat that part of the shorts or spit it out .

It could eat all in the front in one bite, however it may not get all the tissue as the pelvic bones are in the way of the biting too. It may take more chewing and smaller bites to get more of the tissue more near to the bones. Likely would just tug on the shorts with teeth to rip and to pull off.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks fantastic help. if you open the rating button i will rate this question , and think about our next creature for later on in the week if thats ok.

I will do that. I did not understand. Are you going to come up with the next story or would you like me to come up with a creature. I will be happy to do another one with you))

Mike McIntyre and other Vet Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
If you would like to come up with a creature , that would be great, look forward to hearing from you.
Sounds good. I will think on it a bit and get back to you. Have a good evening!