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Dr. Michael Salkin
Dr. Michael Salkin, Veterinarian
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I've just used 10:1 diluted hibiscrub on my dog (prescribed

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JA: Hello. How can I help?
Customer: I've just used 10:1 diluted hibiscrub on my dog (prescribed by vet). I used a squirter to apply it to cotton, but some squirted on the floor and the dog got it. Is this a problem?
JA: I'll do all I can to help. What seems to be the problem with your dog?
Customer: 10 water/ 1 hibiscrub
JA: Where does your dog seem to hurt?
Customer: His tail, where I applied it. But my concern is that he ingested a bit
JA: OK. The Expert will know if your dog will be able to digest that. Is there anything else important you think the Veterinarian should know about your dog?
Customer: No, I don't think so. He will have consumed several drops at most

Dr. Michael Salkin is typing. Please be patient.

Thankfully, he'll remain safe. Chlorhexidine can be ingested. It can be found in mouthwashes for dogs. The small amount of detergent in that product can irritate his gastrointestinal tract, however. That can be addressed by diluting however much he ingested by overfeeding him and encouraging the intake of tasty fluids such as lactose-free milk, broths, and bouillons. Please respond with additional questions and concerns if you wish.

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Thank you very much

You're quite welcome. I can't set a follow up in this venue and so please return to our conversation with an update at your convenience - even after rating.

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Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Probably a silly question, but it *is* normal for the scrub to cause pain/irritation, isn't it? The tip of his tail is red raw (before the scrub), and I applied it to the full area.

That product can sting irritated skin, yes. Thank you for your kind accept. I appreciate it.