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Hope you are well, looking for information on your Alligator

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Good day. hope you are well , looking for information on your Alligator Gar for a new scene , if you are willing to help thanks.

Good morning my friend. I am looking forward to it. Let me know specifics of the situation we will be dealing with too.

Customer: replied 10 days ago.
ok . will check out some information on them, were they come from and size and get back to you.

Sounds good, however likely one will not be big enough to consume the whole prey. It would be a multiple predator attack. I will also be thinking of other ideas that will be good for a story after this one too.

Customer: replied 10 days ago.
ok. here is the scenario. the guy in the picture is swimming in a lake doing a fish survey ,he spots a group of alligator gars and they start to swim towards him , he sees thst some of them are between 8 to 10 ft long and several hundered pounds .((some female can get that big)) .they swim in to attack, how would they do that.
That will be enough to start to work with now. Will think on it and provide the story in next day or two. Have a goood weekend.
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
thats fine . look forward to hearing from you . Have a nice weekend .

Although there are no confirmed reports of Alligator Gar killing people. Due to their size, speed and diet it is still possible. For this discussion we will focus on the potential that they could cause some issues for the above person. As the Gar generally waits in ambush a few feet below the surface of the water, he may have noticed a few initially however would likely not realize many more are below the surface. The first Gar may move in to investigate and would bite at the fleshy muscle in the leg. Then as more move in with their sharp serrated teeth they could continue to inflict damage. The jaws will not be strong enough to break the bone or bite through the bone. For this reason we will then assume that the victim panicked and then tried to fight and swim at the same time. The water in this bayou is very dark and black and as he sank deeper in the water to fight them off, he lost consciousness and drowned. This is how the Gar with only one bite was able to incapacitate the victim. Then as the diver is submerged and drowning. Other Gar move in and a slow duration feeding frenzy begins. They would start working on removing the soft tissue from the most readily available places first. Starting with the exposed muscle on the legs and arms, as this is picked through then they may go for the less easy tissue as that is over the chest and head. They do not chew so well such that it would be harder to remove the swim trunks. However as more tissue is removed above and below the swim suit they would then be able to feast upon that area too. The majority of the bones would all be left in place and likely the ligaments would hold most of them together. They would not do as good of job at removing all of the tissue from the bones. They would more remove much of the overlying tissue. More smaller fish would pick the bones clean and any left tissue in the thorax and in the head. It may take them a few hours to pick the prey clean. This is one scenario in which a species that may not be known so much as a man eater could indeed still eat a person. When one panics and is shocky we do not always make the best decisions. Driven by fear, many things can go wrong, like being disorientated when underwater in the darkness and not being able to see correctly which way is up. I will be happy to add any additional commentary as you see fit. Thank you once again for your continued patience.

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
Hello mike . Thanks for your reply. The garr is a strange and unusual creature. When feeding on the guy would they feed on mass or take a bite and back off to let another Garr in to get a share. Thanks again.

Good afternoon. They likely would take a bite and then would move back and chew it more, then come back in also. As multiple may be feeding on the prey too, they would likely move it back and forth such that it would be harder for one Gar to maintain position as well as they are a fish too. This would cause much back and forth over a period of time. Potentially the area are of the feeding may move quite some distance from the initial attack point during the duration of this. I wanted to let you know that they have now changed the protocol for when a question is done. That is why I will be pressing the completed button sooner. However we can continue to discuss here back and forth after that point. I just wanted to explain why this changed since the last time we worked on a question.

Mike McIntyre and other Vet Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 days ago.
Thanks for the update on the answering the questions and opening the rating button . I do not mind asking follow ups as a new question if that would help .

We can keep the follow up questions on the same question the same as we have been doing them in the past. That is not changed. Just a slight procedural change. I just did not want you to think that I was wanting to change anything about how we work together. It is quite fun and enjoyable for me also.

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
Thats ok, i am on a payment plan on justanswers i pay a monthly fee , and can as as many question as i like with in reason . so it is not a problem to ask as a new question.

Oh ok, now I understand. Then if you would like to break it up into different questions we can definitely do that. Thank you for sharing that with me.