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I have a 15year old yorkie/. On Tuesday he had what I can

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I have a 15year old yorkie/jack russell. On Tuesday he had what I can only describe as an "incident", his heart was racing and he was shaking badly and panting. I took him straight to the vet and as it's a difficult time was not able to go into the vet but had to wait in the car. The vet obviously examined him and said that he had found a heart murmur( which was first diagnosed about 5 years ago) and that his heart was racing. He was keeping him in to do a scan and some blood tests. I was able to collect him the next day and he had two drugs Frusemide 20mg vet tablets to be given 0.5 tablets 3 times a day and vetmedin small chew 1tablet twicedaily to be given 1 hour before feeding. Since then he has been very wobbly on his legs, was being sick with yellow bile and refusing to eat at all. I went back to the vet on Friday and she said that it could be all the stress and to not give him the Vetmedcin for a couple of days until he settled. She also gave him an injection to settle his tummy. He is still very wobbly on his legs and is refusing to eat anything despite trying a bland diet as she asked for so has now not eaten since Wednesday. I am getting quite distressed about the whole thing and wonder if you have any advice you can give me or is it the side effects of the medication. Thank you. Geraldine.
Hi, it's Dr. Vaino! I have 28 years of experience in veterinary medicine, and I'm happy to help you today. (Please pardon any typos, as this is talk-to-text.) I'm sorry to hear this about your pet. ***YOU MAY DISREGARD THE SYSTEM-GENERATED PHONE CALL OPTION*** if you wish. If you will note, before we begin, I am prohibited by state law from prescribing Rx items on this l platform (we can discuss them, but I can't call them into a pharmacy for you). I am here to answer questions and provide general medical advice only. Please let me know if this arrangement will be acceptable before we continue. Thanks so much!
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
Ok. Neither of those medications have side effects that would include ataxia.
What was the diagnosis?
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
What is ataxia
Dizziness/seems drunk
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
I was only told that he had a heart murmur and his heart was racing
Ok, so this sounds like he needs to see a cardiologist. The initial therapy that was prescribed isn't sufficient for what's going on.
Because he's having cardiac-related weakness, it sounds
If you are able to obtain his medical records and test results, I'd be happy to go over them for you
Do you know how to find a cardiologist? If not, I can try to help
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
I would have thought that the vets will have a cardiologist
No, a cardiologist is a specialist
Meaning, you would need to go to a referral center
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
o.k. then I will contact the vet again and see what he says as an o..a.p I cannot afford anymore bill as it is already £600
Ok. Yes, at the very least, he needs to go back to his primary vet, because he's not doing well on the regimen they prescribed. A reevaluation is in order.
What other questions can I answer?
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
Thank you I will call him tomorrow
My pleasure. I hope you have found my advice useful. If you liked my service, please feel free to REQUEST DR. VAINO in the future! I would appreciate it if you'd be kind enough to rate my service to you by selecting from the 5 stars at the top of the screen or clicking on the green light below the chat box (if using SMS, JustAnswer will send a separate text asking for your rating). Such feedback greatly helps me maintain the quality of my answers, and it is how I receive compensation from this website. Rating me now does not close your question; it stays open for 7 days. Please bookmark this page, and we can continue here until you are satisfied! Simply use the reply box to get back to me at any point. Many thanks~
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