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To you. Would you be interested in supplying information on

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Good day to you. Would you be interested in supplying information on a very large lizard .ie the Komodo dragon .let me know. Thanks.

Absolutely, but we recently did the Komodo dragon. What information do you need or do you have a new scenario?

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Hi. I had not realised that it was so soon along for the Komodo dragon. After a while the questions drop off the bottom of the page and I don't have them to view unless I do a search for them. I can do another scene/ scenario if that's ok.


Customer: replied 4 days ago.
ok .a group of people are sailing around the Indonesian islands they decided. To stop for the day and go exploring one of the islands. What they don't know is that Komodo dragons live there. As they explore the guy in pictures twists his ankle. He tells the others to carry on and he will catch them back at the boat. Unfortunately for him Komodo dragon have other plans for him. How will he meet his end. Thanks

Sorry for the delay. I had to think on this one.

So since our poor guy was injured, he certainly was able to hobble away from a dragon if one appeared. And, even if he was bitten, most likely his companions would come back in time to get him off the island & get him to a hospital. But let's say there are a group of juvenile dragons ( maybe 3 or 4 ), not yet old enough to stake their own territory, still small, 40 - 50 pounds each, and hungry.

So, our injured visitor finds a quiet spot near the water & decides to close his eyes & get some sun for a few hours. Silently, the 4 juveniles approach the man. He senses that there is something near & sits up. The first dragon strikes, biting deep into his forearm. Yelping, he tries to leap to his feet, but stumbles on the injured leg. The second dragon grabs his calf, twisting & pulling off a chunk of meat. Falling to the ground, all the dragons rush in, grabbing & tearing at anything they can grab, ripping skin & muscle & eventually biting deep into the abdomen eviscerating the poor guy. Within ten minutes, most of the flesh has been torn from the bones leaving not much more than a bloody carcass.

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Customer: replied 3 days ago.
thanks Interesting scenario .

Thank you.