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My cat gave birth yesterday to six kittens, since then she

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My cat gave birth yesterday to six kittens, since then she has not drank any water, but she has had wet food. Should I be worried?
Hello and welcome to Just Answer. This is Dr Mike and it will be my pleasure to assist you with your questions today. I have over 20 years of experience in small animal medicine and surgery. I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your little one, I can understand how stressful it is for you. I will do my utmost to assist today and to see if we will be able to resolve this quickly for you. Please be patient with me as it takes time to review and write detailed recommendations.Shortly you will receive an offer from Just Answer for a phone call, this is not directly from me and you do not have to accept it. If you prefer we can continue this whole conversation here. I will begin our discussion today with some questions to better understand your concerns.To start with, have  there been any changes in eating, drinking, defecating or urinating most recently?
Are there any underlying medical conditions or medications that I should be aware of?
How has her energy level been?
Customer: replied 23 days ago.
Thank you so much for answering! I would like to continue this conversation here if that’s alright. She did eat today at around 12pm and has not eaten since, maybe a tiny bites but that’s all, and ever since she gave birth last night at 10pm she has not drank any water. She has had wet food but I’m not sure if I should be concerned? She did pee once a while ago and did a tiny poo but that’s all.
How does her activity level seem? There is a lot of fluid in the canned food also. How many kittens did she have ?
Customer: replied 23 days ago.
She has six kittens and she’s been very tired, she’s constantly moving away from her kittens to sleep on the floor, I think she’s been feeling hot.
Customer: replied 23 days ago.
I am sorry I cannot call at the moment, I do not live in the UK I live in the US
We can type all here. The system automatically offers the call.
To stimulate appetite one can offer more appetizing foods like milk, yogurt, meat, chicken, turkey, fish, or eggs. Warming the food in the microwave also can make the the food more appealing and may stimulate appetite better too. Canned food is often more appetizing than the dry food. In addition looking forward the items with more gravy may stimulate appetite more than the pate.
It can be common for them to not drink the water as well also. Doing all possible to stimulate eating more and fluid intake as discussed above will be most beneficial.
Customer: replied 23 days ago.
Oh okay thank you how about her not drinking water?
Customer: replied 23 days ago.
Okay thank you
That is where the higher moisture food will be better.
You are more than welcome. This message will be open for some days. I will be happy to discuss this more with you if you have more questions. I am here daily. Please keep me updated if any changes or concerns arise. It has been a pleasure assisting you and your little ones today. I wish a speedy recovery and lots of fun with the new ones and have a good day. Thank you for using Just Answer. Dr. Mike.
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