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Hope you are well, would you be interested in supplying

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Hello , hope you are well , would you be interested in supplying information on the larger speices of vultures ,Thanks .

I can do that!

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Thanks . ok here is the scenario ,Our guy has got on the wrong side of some drugs dealers , they go around to the local sports centre and grab him . they take him out into a remote area torture him and leave him in the desert ,Soon vultures start to gather , how will they deel with him. thanks .

At this point, as the vultures arrive, our poorly dressed victim has already died. Vultures are very timid & shy & are easily chased off.

Once they gather, & I have seen 50 + vultures gather to pick clean a recently dead calf, they immediately start shredding all soft tissues. Their powerful beaks can pierce all hides, so human skin would be no challenge. If enough birds are present, they could clean the carcass in less than one day. I am quite sure the skimpy Speedo's would just be picked at & shredded so as to allow the voracious birds to reach the soft underlying tissues. Some smaller bones will be disarticulated if the vultures picked enough at the tendons & ligaments, but otherwise, the skeleton will remain essentially intact as the birds will not attempt to crunch through the bones. Any tissue that can be grabbed & ripped from the body will for the most part be eaten.

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Thanks.great read. Would any part of the guy be able to be removed by a vulture and swallowed down whole.

No, not really. The bird's beak & throat are rather small, but the beak is sharp, so the amount of meat torn from he body would be proportional. They can do a pretty good job of shredding meat, but any larger pieces would most likely be torn smaller by the vulture holding the meat with a claw & pulling off smaller pieces to swallow.

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Thanks great information. If someone was out hiking and came across the area once the vultures had finished. What all would they find.

I think, if the remains were found before time, weather, other predators & insects did their thing, they would find almost an intact skeleton. There would still be bits & pieces of meat & gristle still attached to the bones & possibly strewn about, but no bones would be chewed on, & most of the skeletal structure would still be intact. There might still be an attached scalp, but not much else. They are pretty thorough.

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Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Thanks great information.

You are so welcome!