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My cat has had a fit/seizure, a couple of mins, no, this is

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My cat has had a fit/seizure
JA: I'll do all I can to help. I know how frightening seizures can be. Were you able to get a sense of how long the episode lasted?
Customer: a couple of mins
JA: Is there anything else the Vet should know?
Customer: no, this is the first time this has happened.

Hi there,

You are through to Dr Coles. I am a UK based vet. I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your cat. Can I ask how old your cat is? Has he/she recovered OK from the seizure? Is there any possibility of ingestion of something in the house e.g medications, plants, etc? When the seizure was occurring did he/she have leg twitching/movement? Did the cat seem awake and responsive or unconscious? Have they been eating as normal etc prior to this? Any changes with the thirst or drinking/urinating?

Kind regards

Dr Coles

Customer: replied 9 days ago.
Hi, Thank you for your response. She is 11, this only happened in the last hour, she does seem to OK now just a little subdued. She’s had a little bit of ham since it happened & is asleep now. She seemed fine overnight & this morning, I don’t think she has eaten anything she shouldn’t have. When it was happening her legs were twitching a lot, almost like she was running in her sleep. Her eyes were open but her body was limp & she was unresponsive. Until this she has been very normal in personality, eating & drinking.

There are lots of different things which can cause seizures in cats. Epilepsy can occur but it is usually in younger cats and is not very common. Seizures can also be caused by any type of metabolic/systemic disease such as changes in the electrolytes, calcium levels, problems with liver function, kidney function etc. Another cause of seizures would be exposure to anything toxic such as permethrins (flea spot ons), medications, certain plants. It is also possible for cats to get intracranial problems such as a mass (tumour) in the brain. This can cause compression on the brain and seizures can be the result.

Ideally I would recommend that she is examined today, by your out of hours vet, so that they can look for any abnormalities. It is likely that they would start by checking some bloods to look for any underlying problems that could have caused the seizure. If they found nothing on these, she may require an MRI scan (if this is something you would want to do).

Obviously she has recovered from the seizure at the moment but I would recommend taking her to the vets today. They can give you some rectal diazepam to have at the house to administer if this does happen again. I hope she feels better soon.

Kind regards

Dr Coles

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