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Linda Simmon
Linda Simmon, Veterinarian
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My friends dog has been diagnosed as diabetic and is now

Customer Question

My friends dog has been diagnosed as diabetic and is now weeing blood and is very weak. I really need an honest non profit making answer as to what we should do.
JA: I'll do all I can to help. When did you notice there was blood in the dog's urine? Has there been an unusual smell too?
Customer: No unusual smell and the blood has just started about 20 minutes ago.
JA: Does the dog seem more tired than usual?
Customer: He's very lethargic and doesn't want to eat.
JA: And what's the dog's name and age?
Customer: He's called Vili and he's almost 7.
JA: Is there anything else the Vet should know about Vili?
Customer: He's been in pretty good health until this past week or so.
Submitted: 13 days ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  Linda Simmon replied 13 days ago.
Hello, you are through to Dr Linda, a UK based vet.I'm sorry to hear this and hope to be able to help.When was the diagnosis made and is he current on insulin and stable?When you say he is weak, is he struggling to walk or lethargic?Is he eating and drinking as normal today?
Customer: replied 13 days ago.
He was diagnosed with a urine test on Friday and as yet isn't on any treatment. He's struggling to walk and hasn't eaten today and has drunk very little.
Expert:  Linda Simmon replied 13 days ago.
I'm sorry to hear how unwell he is.Untreated diabetes can lead to a life threatening condition known as ketoacidosis. I would be concerned that this is what is going on here. Emergency treatment is required to stabilise him.
Expert:  Linda Simmon replied 13 days ago.
The blood in the urine may be indicative of a bacterial infection ; these are common in diabetic dogs as the bacteria grow well within the sugary urine. This is likely making him feel even more more and will require antibiotics to treat.
Expert:  Linda Simmon replied 13 days ago.
Most diabetic dogs need insulin to manage their signs, as well as a low carbohydrate diet.Short term though, the aim will be to stabilise Vili and this may mean hospitalisation on a fluid drip with intravenous medicine and close monitoring.If it is a possibility, he should be seen tonight.
Customer: replied 13 days ago.
We don't have the funds to get Vili seen tonight which is why I paid £5 to talk to a vet online and just answer has taken an additional £27 so now I can't talk to you on the phone.
Expert:  Linda Simmon replied 13 days ago.
I understand you have financial concerns.However, it wouldn't be good advice if if didn't let you know that the best thing for Vili would be to have him seen tonight.With regards ***** ***** the website, please discuss this with customer services, as the vet my role is to provide medical advice and I have no access to client accounts.Please don't worry about talking to me on the phone, I am happy to try and assist via typing.Unfortunately, at home, we are very limited as to what we can do for him as he needs insulin and intravenous fluids.Try to encourage eating with warm chicken or fish and offer plenty of water.The sooner he can be seen, the better.
Customer: replied 13 days ago.
We are trying to get him to eat. We've been offering him chicken but he's just not interested. He normally loves his food. I understand that he needs to be seen asap and we have been trying to get him sorted out this week but unfortunately our vets have been very unhelpful. The RSPCA has even offered to help pay for treatment but my vet just wanted to euthanize him.
Expert:  Linda Simmon replied 13 days ago.
I'm so sorry to hear this, what a difficult situation.If you don't agree with your vet's recommendation of euthanasia, I would suggest seeking a second opinion from another local vet and the rspca should be able to help fund treatment there.
Customer: replied 13 days ago.
We are going to try tomorrow, but it's very difficult to know which one to trust now.
Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Is this conversation ended?
Expert:  Linda Simmon replied 13 days ago.
This conversation will remain open for continued comments and updates.