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Is there a process of intentionally clogging VCR tape heads

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Is there a process of intentionally clogging VCR tape heads before testing the efficiency of the cleaning cassette and what is drop-out level monitoring and videohead protrusions???
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There is no process to clog VCR tape Heads.

The drop out Level monitor monitors a loss of FM audio due to a scratch or damage on the tape, to aid in the recovery when the signal returns.

The video head protrusions are on the Drum and used for reading the tape. You need to be very careful not to snap these off.

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You may find this instructions set helpful Hilary

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.



I know it seemed like an odd question, but I am trying to translate a French text which mentions 'L’encrassement est effectué suivant la méthodologie suivante' which is translated (rather freely I might add) as 'the VCR heads are made dirty as follows' and then goes on to outline the various stages of putting magnetic particles into a beaker, dissolving them in alcohol, coating the VHS tape and inserting this dirtied tape into the VCR and then testing the efficacy of the cleaning cassette... It seems to be the laboratory (Stanlab???) that is testing the cleaning cassette..However, something might have got lost in the translation!!!



I get about the same translation, but it appears to be a simulated test in a Laboratory that is doing this.

It is not something you do to fix a VCR itself, but to gauge the effectiveness of their cleaning tapes.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for that. Just before I pay, which of these two translations sounds more natural to you?? Or could you propose another rendering...


The methodology used to dirty (clog up??) the VCR heads is as follows: OR


This is the method used to dirty (clog up??) the VCR heads??










This sounds much better Hilary

The methodology used to dirty (clog up) the VCR heads is as follows

I added an s to follow(s) as that makes it grammatically correct.

Feel free to ask if you would like more information please.

Thank you

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