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Camera and Video
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We are having problems the camera says the zoom did not operate

normally insert battery again and... Show More
normally insert battery again and turn camera on this does not work it's a Samsung st66 16.1 mega 25mm f2.5 5x any ideas thanks Noreen jackson
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carlday1 :


Thank you for using Just Answer my name is ***** ***** I will help you with your question.

Many Camera faults are caused by dust and grit getting into the lens workings and stopping it coming out or stopping sensors working out where the lens is.

Sometimes tapping the camera into your hand when turning the camera on or off can help with freeing stuck lenses.

If you have access to some air in a can or air compressor you could try gently blowing some air around the lens to see if that will help.

There is some good information here on camera repair.

If you need a camera repairer this company seems to repair most cameras.

Customer: We have tried that with no difference
carlday1 :

Is the battery fully charged?

Customer: yes we were on holiday when it started it was fine for the first three days
carlday1 :

Where you near a beach? sand and grit are the most common for causing a lens to get stuck. You could try brushing around the lens with a paintbrush to see if you could remove any sand/grit that could be stopping the lens coming out.

Is the camera under warranty?

Customer: its two years since my son bought it so don't know if it is we were on a beach occasionally but it was in a case my husband used a air compressor to blow it out there is no camera shops where we live hence why I got in touch with you
carlday1 :

I find that air is the best at freeing lenses if the air has failed to free the lens the only other option would be stripping the camera and cleaning it manually, it could be the lens motor has failed and needs replacing.

A new lens is available on ebay.

It would be a fiddly job to replace the lens but it you wanted to try it yourself I would offer as much help as I could.

There are disassembly videos on youtube I have not watched them but, they might be worth a watch to see if you feel you would like to tackle repair yourself.

Customer: I know you said it was fiddly job but is it easy ish ? The camera makes a noise when it try's to switch on would it still do that if the motor has failed ??
carlday1 :

If it makes a noise it is more likely that the lens is just stuck, you could continue to try bumping the camera on your hand while you turn it on and see if it will free up.

I repair electronics everyday i don't find it too difficult to strip a camera it is just very small screws and small connectors that make it fiddly.

Customer: Ok thanks Carl will try banging it on my hand if not will try and strip it downtown see if I can see anything
carlday1 :

If you have any problems or you need more advise feel free to ask. I would have a watch of the videos first so you have an idea on how it comes apart.

Customer: ok will do thanks