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I have just bought a Panasonic Lumix TZ40. I took one photo,

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I have just bought a Panasonic Lumix TZ40. I took one photo, tried to take a second, was told internal memory was full. How can this be? If cards are optional, and I've only taken one photo, the memory should not be full. If I choose to use a card, which is best, ***** ***** SDXC. I am purely an amateur photographer.

First, I would like to say that I am not affiliated with Panasonic or any other camera maker.

Unfortunately, the use of the word "optional" by them, when they refer to the memory card, is basically a marketing tool, based on the fact that you can takee one or two picticures with the tiny "internal memory". For any reasonable use, a memory card is required.

It is my experience that unless you are planning to shoot a lot of large videos, the larger capacity and more expensive SDXC card is not necessary. It is much better to get 2 SDHC 32gb cards, one as a main and the other as a backup. There are a number of reasons that I do this. One is that if I remove the card and use a card reader to transfer pictures to the computer and forget to put it back in the camera, I have one in the case to use if I want to catch a shot. Also, for most people, it is hard to manage very large numbers of files carrried on the card and larger capacity cards tend to corrupt when too may files are stored.

The other technical consideration is the Speed Class (the number in the circle). If you are just shooting photos, a Speed Class 6 is quite sufficient. For video, you will want an 8 or a 10 for best performance.

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