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Category: Camera and Video
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I am having trouble downloading videos from my Panasonic HDD

Customer Question

I am having trouble downloading videos from my Panasonic HDD SDR-H40 camcorder to my Windows 8 laptop. I have downloaded a MOD converter. It seemed to work at first but the moment it starts to play back it crashes. I have tried Power DVD and Windows media player. Neither of them wants to play it properly. Please advise?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Camera and Video
Expert:  technicalcat replied 3 years ago.
, and thank you this service.

You actually do not need to convert those files, as they are standard MPEG2 video files. Although it can be a pain , all you really have to do is RENAME these files with an .MPG extension, instead of a .MOD extension. After you do that, you shouldn't have trouble using them with PowerDVD and media player.

More information is at the link below, and if you have lots of files that are too much work to rename "by hand", with me possible way you could rename them in a batch if you need.

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