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Amonst many other Samsung products, I am the proud owner of

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Amonst many other Samsung products, I am the proud owner of a VP-L530 8 video camcorder which has been round the world with me and whicj I am still using because of its superb performasnce. It has recently developed a fault insofar as the monitor has ceased to function either in camera or player mode. I have electronic experience in the forces and suspected that the connecting wires may have been broken. Having opened the monitor cover panel I find that this dose not appear to be the case. My question is - can I still get repair services for this equipment, which still works, but only using the viewfinder. I am aware of the age of the camera, but it is well preserved and is my pride and joy
The problem is either a defective LCD or the cable that connects it to the camera body. If the parts necessary for the repair are still available the camera should be repairable at almost any camera repair shop. This really isn’t a user serviceable problemand should be repaired by a qualified technician. You may want to check locally for a camera repair shop in your area,or, if you need assistance finding a shop, please let me know and I'll locate one for you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I was hoping that you would be able to say whether parts were still available for this product before I spend time finding a repair agent
As far as getting any parts directly from Samsung, forget it. They are the most difficult company in the world to deal with. Besides. the camera has been out of production for so long, new parts will not be available. Your best bet for a part source will be EBay. However, a quick check shows no results. It may be time to upgrade to a newer camcorder.
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