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I have a 1.2E 55 Polo (56 reg), 41000 miles, mot a month ago Today

Customer Question

I have a 1.2E 55 Polo (56 reg), 41000 miles, mot a month ago

Today I was driving back to hertfordshire via m25 on route from basildon

i was on the north section of the m25 for quite some time stuck in traffic on the 50mph section for a good 40 minutes. My fuel guage was pretty low at this point

When the traffic cleared i set off again and everything was clear on the road after that
However, shortly after that the fuel light came on

I understood this as the guage had just entered the red

5-10 minutes later the engine management light had come on

i was hoping this was simply because of the dire low volume of fuel in the tank at that point

i got off the motorway as soon as i could and i now have a full tank of fuel

the engine management light is still on. Could it be that the problem is solved and it just needs resetting?

I popped the bonnet, its got plenty of coolant, oil seems fine, i checked it earlier that day 50 miles previously in Basildon too

theres no odd smells or visual problems, but im no mechanic, and the timing belt is in good condition

any advice?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Volkswagen
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.

Hi..there sorry for delay..


Hopefully I can help..


In a sense yes - that can happen sometimes - if the fuel does get to a critical level in the tank..the fuel pressure/delivery rate can be effected and thus cause issues further up at the engine which the ecu may pick up on and thus the engine management light will flag up..If the car is running fine now then it should be ok..the only way to find out really what exactly the ecu has picked up on is to have the car diagnosed on suitable diagnostic machine and see for sure what the faults codes are..if they are of no serious issue and are related to the low fuel at that point ..then it would be a case of just having the codes cleared and that should be that..maybe at next fill up try a petrol engne fuel injector cleaner additive and put that in the tank...But as above any good locally equipped garage should be able to check that for you.and see whats found - but as above if related to the low fuel then its just a case of erasing those codes and then hopefully then the eml shouldn't come back up..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include any further information before you rate - then just continue