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My car is 6 years old Diesel... drove 44,000 For past year I

Customer Question

My car is 6 years old Diesel... drove 44,000
For past year I had a problem with a Diesel Particulate Warning Light.
DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER WARNING LIGHT - when filter separates the soot particles from the exhaust. Soot particles are collected in the diesel particulate filter where they are burnt regularly. After the warning light comes on - when soot has accumulated in the filter and required cleaning- no matter to clean the filter I drive at a speed of at least 37 mph, engine speed of 2 000 – 2 500 rpm, for at least 15 minutes with gear 4 or 5 engaged, until light goes out.
That's what I am doing when the warning light stays & try the cleaning process again. Now a days I need to do that once a month or every second month.
Mostly driving for short distances only, I know its not so good for a diesel car, which I know it can increase soot particles and will requires more frequent cleaning. But I am not sure why it happens so often every two months in past 2 years?.
Once when I didn't go for a drive on a motorway GLOW PLUG SYSTEM WARNING LIGHT came on, which comes on after the ignition has been switched on - diesel vehicle. I was told by the garage there was no fault within the glow plug system. There was no fault with engine control.
My car went into 'emergency / limp mode'.
Took the car to a garage paid around £500 for changing the filter and getting rid of the flashing light on the dashboard and getting rid of emergency mode.
After 3-4 weeks from taking car from a garage the same light comes up every few months.
I mostly do drive short distances but no willing to pay £500 all the time. I changed the filter & oil but no change every month the light comes up.
Should that be happening all the time on 6 years old car? Also after paying £500 should I have any warranty that it will not happen again & for how long?
Apart from driving on motorway as I stated above is that anything else can be done? or should that light comes up so often?
Submitted: 15 days ago.
Category: Volkswagen
Expert:  Robert replied 15 days ago.

Im Rob, A UK certified vehicle technician and Garage/MOT centre owner, And will be assisting you with your question today.

If the car isnt used often enough..then the vehicle isnt getting time to self regen the filter..what you get is constant failure of filter regen..which in turns means the DPF will fill alot quicker or need to be "cleaned" to bring that percentage of soot matter down to acceptable level...of course this is part of pretty much all diesels these there isnt anyway to bypass it now..they may want to look at the differential pressure sensor and the pipes that lead to the dpf just incase those are that can cause continuous regen if the system thinks the dpf is filling too quick or full... you could try cataclean additive in with the diesel during fill up.that can sometimes work to help clearout the dpf...any other questions?