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Enes, Volvo Master Technician
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Can you send me an TCM adaptation procedure please?

Customer Question

Can you send me an TCM adaptation procedure please?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  Enes replied 4 years ago.

enesd : 1. In order to perform the adaptation procedure the ATF temperature must be within 65-110�C (150-230�F). Accelerating the vehicle in Winter mode will help raise the fluid temperature if it is below 65�C (150�F). A stall test should not be used to heat up the fluid. Read the temperature with VADIS. The adaptation will not be completed if the fluid temperature is not within this range.2. With the ATF within the specified temperature range start driving the vehicle with light throttle. Using approximately 15% throttle keep a steady pedal through all the gears until 4th gear is reached. It is not possible to reach 5th gear with this pedal position. Repeat until the shift quality is OK at each gear change.3. Repeat step 2 with approximately 25% pedal application. Keep a steady pedal through all the gears until 5th gear is reached.4. Accelerate to approximately 45 mph (72 km/h) and decrease the speed by lightly applying the brake until the vehicle stops. This should take approximately 7 seconds. Repeat this until the quality of the downshifts is OK.5. Apply the brake and put the gear selector in the P position. Move the lever to the R position and wait 5 seconds. Move the selector back to P position and wait another 5 seconds. Repeat until the R engagement is OK.6. Repeat the procedure in step 5 moving between N position and D position until the D engagement is OK.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TNN43-27-2004-01-22 Title: AW55-50 Adaptation Procedure.The AW55-50 gearbox relies on adaptive data to properly adjust its shift pressure. This data is collected and memorized by the TCM and then used to adjust shift feel/quality. If the adaptation is not complete, it may result in:- Shift Flare: Engine RPM increases during a shift. This symptom often feels like the car has temporarily lost drive or the transmission is slipping. It is usually the 2-3 upshift that flares the most.- Harsh Down Shifts: Harshness felt during a coast-down shift (zero throttle downshift).- Harsh Garage Shifts: Harshness when shifting P-D, N-D, P-R, or N-R while at a standstill.- Harsh Neutral Control Engagement/Disengagement: After coming to a complete stop in Drive, with your foot on the brake the TCM waits 2 seconds and then disengages drive to reduce emissions and minimize idle vibrations. This disengagement is normally smooth and isn't felt by the driver. If adaptation is not complete then a "thud" can be felt in the car 2 seconds after coming to a complete stop. When the brake pedal is released, the re-engagement of Drive should be relatively smooth. A harsh re-engagement can be felt if the adaptation is not complete. Neutral Control is present on all 2001 MY S60s and V70s.