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Robert, UK Qualified Car Technician
Category: Volvo
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My husband was driving down an incredibly wet motorwAy and

Customer Question

My husband was driving down an incredibly wet motorwAy and he got an error message saying engine service urgent and all the power went - can't get the car going now. Any ideas?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


Does the engine still actually spin over?


Has this been a problem before at any point?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi we have just bought it - yes the engine ties over

Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.

Hi..thanks for your reply..


Ok..The engine service urgent isnt a service warning like for servicing the engine etc..this is the engine management system warning message to tell you the cars ecu has picked up ona fault somewhere on the engine or one of the many engine sensors for example :- crank/cam sensor or one other ecu monitored/controlled components on the engine has failed - ideally in any givin situation such as this its really a diagnostic machine plug in approach to find out what codes are stored in the ecu as this will make identifying the fault location a little more that going to have to be something done anyway which im sure you will be aware of already..any good local garage/or mobile tech with the correct equipment maybe able to that for you..there are a few things that may have to to be checked in that checking for any water ingress in regards XXXXX XXXXX engine fuse/relay boxes so check them carefully for that / also any blown fuses in those so checking them too aswell..also have good look around the engine bay all the wiring plugs/connectors aswell as the wiring going into them and ensure they are fully connected and not loose etc..also check the airfilter and ensure that is dry / also check around injectors for any fuel leaks etc / also check the main auxillary belt is still intact / one other item to be checked is the timing belt - open up the oil cap and look inside so you can see the cam shaft.have somebody in the car spin the starter over in short bursts etc whilst you check to see if the camshaft still turns - if not whilst the starter kicking the engine over then your timing belt has gone and this will be expensive to repair as it will likly have bent double check up on that for sure.if its does still turn the camshaft then the timing belt is still intact and may likly be an issue in regards XXXXX XXXXX you spray some easy start up into the intake and the engine fires up on that then thats what it will be either an issue with the fuel hp pump itself or a partically blocked fuel filter causing pressure issue so all that has to be checked..all on the asumption petrol hasnt been mistakenly put in at some point which i know will be difficult to know seeing as you just bought it.also check the battery terminals are secure aswell as one thing you could try disconnect both terminals from and away from the battery posts and join the two terminals/cables togther for about 5minutes or so this acts as a hard reset for all the systems on the car - then just reconnect both terminals again to the battery and see if that helps..sometimes works other times not..If its still spinning over then im afraid the next step is going to have to be the diagnostic machine to see whats codes you have stored as this will help know for sure what you need to check next..I do hope this helps