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Why do I get an Engine system service required message, code

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Why do I get an Engine system service required message, code 019?

Hopefully I can help..

Firstly it would be worth checking the actual oil level - preferable when cold and the car on level ground if its too high beyond the half way mark then it can cause this system error to come up some needs to be drained off as such However it wouldn't be wise to go by just the code from the dash/factory codes as they don't really give a full insight in to the actual problem fault you would be best or the best advice really is to have that backed up or verified further by getting the car plugged in diagnostically and see what the codes are and then take it from there .I do hope this helps
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi. Yes I gathered something similar from Volvo forums. I bought the car a few days ago from an independent dealer, and they had done a service. No problem until after driving 300 miles. My guess was that during those miles there was a regeneration of dpf which put some diesel into the sump and took the oil level above the threshold. But this would mean that the oil fill level was really close to the threshold. The key thing I would like to know is whether this error code means 'too much oil' or whether it could mean something else