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Help! My husband was overtaking in too high revs then the engine

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Help! My husband was overtaking in too high revs then the engine lost power and now a warning light says "engine system service required" and the engine is limited to 2000 revs, it will not go any higher. The car has been rested but still can't go beyond 2000 revs. Is it safe to do the return journey of 60 miles in this state or shall we get the RAC out. It is a 2008 V50. Many thanks.



Hopefully i can help..


The "engine system service required" is basically a warning message that the ecu flags up if in the event a fault is picked by the cars main ECU "Engine Control Module/Unit" in regards XXXXX XXXXX engine control management side of things anf thus put the car into limp home mode which is why you only get/limited to 2000rpm - however this message can cover a huge area of possible faults in regards XXXXX XXXXX engine itself from wiring/plug connection fault/air intake leaks or vacuum leaks/fuelling issues even to mass air flow sensor problems - in reality to fully confirm exactly what the ecu is seeing the car needs to be diagnostically tested - in which a diagnostic machine suitable or covers this type of vehicle will need to plugged in to determine or retrieve and clear the faults codes from the ecu - That maybe something to consider asking the RAC to do aswell as other routine checks on the engine itself - Its most definitely the best way forward to do the testing first rather than risk driving the vehicle further.but if you can maybe have a full inspection of any split air intake tubes/vacuum lines any loose wiring plugs around the engine that you can see.if not then the best idea would be to get it scanned and then take it from there - I do hope this helps


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