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I have just bought a VOLVO 1.9 V40 estate 2000. It has only

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I have just bought a VOLVO 1.9 V40 estate 2000. It has only done 67,000 miles from new should the cam belt need changing? and how much is it likely to cost?



Hopefully i can help..


The 1.9 petrol is every or nearing 66,000miles or 120months which ever comes round first / the 1.9 Diesel is every or nearing 80,000miles or 96months which ever comes first - costing for the complete kit - timing belt/tensioner/guide aswell as water pump is approx in the region £130 however depends on where your garage source these parts from costing could change there - plus 3 hours on average labor ontop for fitting again difficult to say as alot of garage tend to rate per hour differently across the as approx costing could be in the region of £300 but the best advice really is to phone around for the best quote on that job complete costing inc vat etc..I do hope this helps

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