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Enes, Volvo Master Technician
Category: Volvo
Satisfied Customers: 5595
Experience:  18 yrs+. experience as Volvo & ASE Certified Master Technician.
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engine system service required light in orange comes on and

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engine system service required light in orange comes on and of every now and then

Enes : Hello and welcome to our web page here my name isXXXXX a Certified Volvo Car Expert Mechanic.I'm going to try today to answer your question.
Enes : checking codes without scanner on p2 volvosif u want to know if there is any codes stored in any module on your p2 Volvo follow these steps 1. turn on car and close doors and clear info display of any messages by pressing read button 2. with ur foot on the brake pedal hold down the read button and hit the rear fog lamp button twice. now your car info display will read checking dtcs in vehicle and you can scroll through each module by hitting the read button until u go through every module. this method will only tell you if there is a code stored and will not give you a specific code.
Enes : let me know results

thanks enes very helpfull went out to car switched on no warning lights just little engine light on car must have known you were talking about her do you think this could be wiring fault because diferent lights come on ie abs .traction control light power stearing light then when i switch of they go out then everything ok car doesnt miss a beat runs great even with lights on its 14 years old with 73 k genuine miles on clock what do you think once again thanks

Enes :


Enes :

i think you have like software problem

Enes :

i would do first software flash upgrade at this point but see software onlyt can be done at volvo garages

Enes :

also i would check alernator for charging correct voltages

Enes :

and you will have to use advanced scanner to get error codes


Enes i think ive solved it as you just said small wire from alternator hanging by one strand so i repaired wire everything seems ok thank you very much from a happy volvo driver from scotland.cheers XXXXX XXXXX the man

Enes : Ok thank you
Enes : im happy is fixed that is good
Enes : if you have second can you rate answer excellent or ok
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