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My S80 2.4 litre 170 bhp saloon has developed a troublesome

Customer Question

My S80 2.4 litre 170 bhp saloon has developed a troublesome gear-selection lever on the automatic gearbox. At widely spaced intervals of time it has jammed in one position and I have had to call roadside assistance. It recently stuck in park when I stopped to take on fuel in Plymouth, but without the RAC man doing more than have a look at it under the plastic cover he managed to move it into neutral and I drove it OK. I had to put it in park eventually and it has performed perfectly well until today. It has now stuck in drive/neutral, but will not move to another forward gear or reverse/park. It is hard to detect any feeling that the operating button on the gear-selector is making anything happen - it does not feel connected, as though whatever linkage it is meant to operate has become detached. It looks as though any such linkage must be contained within the gear-selector stem. Is there any way I can free up the mechanism to enable me to move the gear-selector - even if it means losing the protection against engaging reverse by accident. (Edit:  I have managed to extract the release trigger from the selector lever and can operate through all gear positions without it.   Car is now drivable, but the trigger is not in the handle of the lever, and I have a spindle about 50mm long which has dropped out.  Where it should go is not apparent.  Any advice on re-assembly of the trigger mechanism would be helpful - it looks a flimsy arrangement and difficult to engage the activating part of the trigger mechanism with the end of the rod which goes through the lever and needs to be lifted slightly to free the ratchet which stops movement into the wrong gear.   At present, I can manage this with my finger tips, just about!)

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  Shantal-Mod replied 3 years ago.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have managed to work out how this small component is assembled and it is clear that the problem is a broken plastic holder for the loose rod I found. I have today managed to do a reasonable repair that seems to work OK, but at least I now know what to do if the problem recurs.

In the circumstances, having seemed to have managed to solve the problem myself by trial and error, there is no point in your pursuing the matter.

All I can say is, I would like to meet the designer of this trigger mechanism - it appears to have been made unnecessarily complex, and prone to failure after extended use.

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Expert:  Enes replied 3 years ago.

Hello and welcome to our web page here my name is***** a Certified Volvo Car Expert Mechanic.I'm going to try today to answer your question.Hello and welcome to our web page here my name is***** a Certified Volvo Car Expert Mechanic.I'm going to try today to answer your you still need help . it looks your fixed the problem ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have been away for a few days and have not seen my emails until now. Quite rightly, you surmise I have solved the problem (by drilling a hole through the frame of the trigger mechanism and using a couple of ties!) and so do not require any further help. In fact, I was sent an email by JustAnswer telling me that they were refunding my payment before the date of your response.

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