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Hi my name is Tariq am about to buy Volvo XC90,, the owner

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Hi my name is Tariq
am about to buy Volvo XC90,, the owner of the car informed me the Airbag light is on is that a big fault and how much its roughly will cost. The car registered in 2005 and has 7 Volvo stamps 80000 miles and two from local garage 120000 miles


Hopefully i can help..

Has the owner had any checks done in relation to the fault mentioned?

I persume you havent viewed the vehicle yet?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I assume not he said he used to take the car to Volvo dealer but it reached 80000 miles he decided not to spend money and take it to local. no I haven't see the car yet it was through Ebay

Hi..thanks for your responce..

Ok..Generally with airbag faults its really difficult to say for sure what sort of fault it is without proper diagnsotic testing on that system...could be a fault with one of the airbags / pretensioners / wiring,connection fault or even the main control unit..the only way to know for sure is to find out exactly what fault codes you have will you be able to make a judgement on pricing could well be the reason for sale something to certainly bear in mind..aswell as the airbag system is now part of the MOT so if that lights remains on during the test it will fail...One thing to maybe consider if your keen on it is to if you know anyone/mechanic with a scanner thats able to see what fault it is on your inspection of the vehicle..then you can make a judgement that way whether its worth going for..but unfortunalty that about the only way forward on these systems is to have it scanned to see what codes are currently listed/stored in the airbag control module..I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else then please just continue before you rate

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