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Terrible screeching noise when i pull away, any ideas as to

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Terrible screeching noise when i pull away, any ideas as to why it's happening


Hopefully i can help..

Does this happen all the time or just when the car is first used?

Does it change pitch at any time for example - revving the engine? , using the clutch? , turning on air con? - steering or braking? etc..

Roughly if possible which area on the car do you hear this from?

Any warning lights since this occurred?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I've had car for 3months, 131,k on clock, first time it happened last night, no warning lights,doesn't do it when engine is revved, sounds like noise is coming from front end, can't really be specific, although have noticed recently car hard to put into 2nd gear when cold

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Ok...if it occurrs under the car moving then it possible the fault will be with the brakes - you'd ideally need to check for binding aswell as pad and disc condition to ensure the noise is being emitted from them under slow moving - maybe when the noise occurrs depress the brake pedal for a moment and see if it stops - if the noise is under engine idle at stand still - then i d say it would be inclined to be checking the belt side of the engine as its possible the belt could be worn or slack or one of the components drivin on that belt has worn bearings in itself emitting the noise or partically seized causing the belt the again certainly listen for that..maybe try putting load on the belt to see if the noise changes for example turning on headlights,fogs/full beam/radio/fans/aircon etc to see if that pin points to the belt area..the other likely seeing as you do note a gear change issues is possible clutch problem in that the clutch release bearing -normally these do loose grease or the release bearing becomes dry can emit a similar sound when depressing the clutch or during release when moving off etc.. like i say see if the pitch changes if you can by depressing the clutch - if stops or starts etc doing that then thats likely the problem..if thats the case then its normally another clutch assembly/bearing to solve that..I do hope this helps..If you require to ask or include anything further then please do before you rate

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