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2012 model, 26k miles. Filled with diesel, drove 2 miles, came

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2012 model, 26k miles. Filled with diesel, drove 2 miles, came back to try and start. Turned but didn't catch. On inspection outside, diesel gushing from near filter when attempting to start. Waiting for diagnosis from dealer but need to prepare - is this likely to be a bad seal or filter or something catastrophic?


Hopefully i can help..

Had the filter been replaced prior to this problem?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I don't believe so from service book - but that's from memory as it's in the car in the dealership. I've had it for a little over 8 weeks. If it is a filter replacement, just wondering how many zeros it's likely to be (assuming other systems weren't damaged by the leaking fuel).


The filter element itself its quite easy to replace they all come with new seals anyway for refitting along with the filter normally best to have that done during a service etc that's the filter unit near the fuel tank sometimes these filters have a habit of blocking and cause difficult the sound of it.but without seeing it..its possible the seal may have rolled and thus causing the leak but normally this would crop up quite early on or just after replacement.another could that of the housing itself has been damage or has actually fractured maybe during removal or refitting process as over tightening these can cause that.or the actual top end of the filter housing where the fuel lines enter and exit maybe leaking in regards ***** ***** actual lines itself..all that certainly needs to be checked overall..But no if its just the housing thats at fault here then that wouldnt cause any other issues with the car itself engine - but obviously just the non start issue seeing the fuel pressure would be lost due the fault you have would normally mean a filter housing replacement to solve that if thats the case as above and not just a fuel line connector fault to the filter housing itself..I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi - tried to send this earlier but internet failed. Just wondering what a ballpark cost would be for replacing a Fuel Filter housing would be? I've seen £228 on one forum and £1100 on another. Car's under mfr warranty but I've seen instances where people say it was covered and others where it wasn't. Happy to pay for additional question if that'd help.

Hi..there sorry for the delay..

If its just the plastic head unit/housing the filter screws onto/and the fuel lines connect to i cant see it being in 4 figure range to be honest,never heard of anyone paying that much,and havent come across them being that price myself - as far i recall they wernt any more the £150 for just that filter assembly there are other places that sell them as in the link below to give an idea,they will most likely sell the complete unit itself inc filter ,the cost will be slightly more considering that fixings which hold the unit up are quite difficult to access due the fuel tank itself which normally has to be dropped slightly and that where the bulk of labor adds up but i should see it being anymore than you quoted there by the at £228 which sounds about right....but only once the garage has full accessed that will you know for sure what needs replaced here,i suspect it will be that housing thats at fault.

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