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I have a Volvo V 50 Diesel 60 Plate 2010 .had a smell of burn

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I have a Volvo V 50 Diesel 60 Plate 2010 .had a smell of burn and sometime after that smell i lost power . According to local garage this is catalyctic converter !! Could it be filter ?? The car has only just 40000 miles .Thank you


Hopefully i can help..

Was there any warning lights up on the dash prior or during the issue you had?

How did they check/test to confirm the converter was at fault?

How often does the car get used normally?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No warning lights prior "burning " smell. Don't know how carv was checked .Car used every day 40 miles a day roughly .

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Ok. If you mean air filter then no..normally a faulty air filter wouldnt cause an issue like this - the burning smell could mean many number of things either the belt or one of the assesories driven off the belt or and oil leak - or even to go as far as the brake binding fault causing brake smell - these cars would be fitted with a dpf sometimes this can cause an increase in heat from the exhaust/dpf during particle filter burn off the excess soot the filter captures..sometimes diesels used on very short drives can often result in dpf problems..the dpf becoming blocked with soot due to the filter itself not getting enough time to self regenrate or fail regen cycle..if that happens the filter can cause increase back pressure resulting in loss or lack of power or even complete non start situation..they need to be 100% sure the dpf is indeed blocked before even considering replacement which isnt cheap..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok I can comprehend this . what are the chances that it would the converter ?/

Hi..there apologies for the delay..

Depends on the extent the soot build up in the filter is - as normally the car self regenerates itself under long driving conditions to get the filter upto the temp to reduce the soot/burn it off,as thats how it works.that why alot of people with diesels fitted with dpf's who only do very short journeys will always get problems with those filters due lack of use and not allowing the car to self regenerate the filter..having said that you should of had some warning message up on the dash/message screen to tell you the filter is reaching the critical levels of soot build up..normally they can test to the levels diagnostically,fault codes will be stored - force regeneration to see if that helps..if not then its another filter fitted im afraid...

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